My Video Review for Julu

*Gasp* Probably the last post of 2009! I can't believe it's gonna be 2010! Are you excited? Nervous? Hopeful? I think I am a bit of all three. I want the next year(s) to be amazing! =) Be safe all and I hope that your celebration is full of happiness and love!

Here is my video for Julu Jewelry. I did it just so my subbies on Youtube could see =) Enjoy! And I'm not wearing any makeup cause I was lazy. But I think I look pretty cute without it  ^_^

Bye guys! See you next year!

Stay Beautiful! <3


Midnight Kiss A New Year's Tutorial

Yay yay yay I finally did it today. I hope you guys like it! And please ignore my weird bangs, I slept on them funny =)


Products Used
Contacts: Geo Angel lenses in Violet
-Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Airbrush Spray foundation
-Smashbox Photofinish Primer
-Smashbox Halo to Go in Fair
-Amazing Cosmetics concealer in light golden
-Smashbox blush highlighter duo Undercover/Soft Lights

-L'oreal H.I.P eye duo in Platinum
-L'oreal H.I.P eye duo in Magnetic
-Lorac e/s in Beige
-Lorac waterproof eye liner
-Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner in Zero

-VS Lipstick in Scrumptious
-VS Christian Siriano lipgloss in Sublime


Post Christmas

Well I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!! Mine was quiet, not over top and filled with love. I think that is the best way to go =)

I am excited for the New Year! I can't wait for it. This past year had a lot of ups and downs and I really want to start fresh and really focus on things I need to do in order to make life great. Not good. Good is settling, great is when you feel proud of the things you did. =)

I hope all of you go out and do great things! I got a magnet from my beau that quoted "What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?" Go for it like you can't fail! I'm going to try my hardest to have that mentality.

I will have a pic spam entry soon of all the goodies I got for Christmas, this one is more of just a non cosmetic blurb because we all need a break from makeup (including me!)

Love you all and be safe! <3

Sometimes the best things in life are free!!


More Julu Love

A quick blog about my recent purchases from Steph! This is somewhat picture heavy!

My package came yesterday! Packed with goodies galore!

To those of you following both Stephanie and I, you will have noticed that she recently posted a custom order called Belle's Dream. It was actually based off my blog name Meibelle, by derp derp me thought it was based off of Disney's Beauty and the Beast because of the two colors I had chosen. But I was honored that she thought of me and my blog and also because this piece is gorgeous!!!

So here are some pictures of me with the necklace =) I am wearing the Geo Nudy Lenses in Gray which I think are my favorite ones so far!

I tried to take some model-esque pictures too (though my lipgloss was being all sorts of stupid on me)

I also picked up the Pegasus pendant which was also inspired by Sailor Chibi/Sailor Moon. It's another beautiful piece that she made.

Well I hope you guys enjoyed this post! and also:

May you have everything you wish for and family to warm your heart and soul! The importance of the holiday is the company you keep not the things you get!



Two Quick Videos (non tutorial)

Defying Gravity

Don't worry guys I'll be putting up some new videos this week along with a blog review on some new things that I got recently! For now, be inspired by these lyrics and defy your own gravity. I know I need to defy mine!
Something has changed within me

Something is not the same
I'm through with playing by the rules
Of someone else's game
Too late for second-guessing
Too late to go back to sleep
It's time to trust my instincts
Close my eyes: and leap!

It's time to try
Defying gravity
I think I'll try
Defying gravity
Kiss me goodbye
I am defying gravity
And you wont bring me down!

I'm through accepting limits
''cause someone says they're so
Some things I cannot change
But till I try, I'll never know!
Too long I've been afraid of
Losing love I guess I've lost
Well, if that's love
It comes at much too high a cost!

I'd sooner buy
Defying gravity
Kiss me goodbye
I'm defying gravity
I think I'll try
Defying gravity
And you wont bring me down!

I'd sooner buy
Defying gravity
Kiss me goodbye
I'm defying gravity
I think I'll try
Defying gravity
And never bring me down!
bring me down!
ohh ohhh ohhhh!


My Current Favorite Lip Balms

I am a chapstick/lip balm, lipstick, lipgloss whore. Seriously. I have tons and tons of the stuff. I blame cute packaging, yummy scents, and promises that the product never keeps for my accumulation. Haha. But lately I have been loving these Karma Creatives Lip Balms.

Yeah...I like them enough that I have 5 of them. =) Though I am kinda sad that the cute little Buddha man is not on the Grapefruit and Watermelon flavored ones!! But these little cute balms are all natural and contain no petroleum! From what I have read, petroleum really does nothing moisturizing to the lips, it's used in many lip moisturizers and chapsticks because it creates a protective barrier on the lips that disallows whatever moisture you have on your lips to escape. The barrier also does not allow the wind or cold dry them out.

These balms like I said don't contain petroleum, but beeswax and other natural ingredients. What I love also is that the ingredients also make a sunscreen as well, so you don't have to worry about your lips getting sun damage because there is sunscreen in them! The scents are nice too, though the Cherry Cola and Cream soda don't really smell like Cola or Soda. The taste is...really yummy. I have to refrain myself from licking my lips when I have this on because it tastes so good. I also like the fact that it's moisturizing for my lips and makes them really soft without making it feel like I have a goopy product on my lips. This means no flyaway hair on my lips when it's windy or smearing.

Now being that it's not goopy, with the product in the pot makes it hard to sometimes get the product on your (clean) finger. Sometimes it takes me a good minute to feel that I have put enough on my lips. I also love the tin, but it's not really sanitary at times especially when you don't have sanitizer or time to wash your hands. But I think this does come in stick form now, (without the cute Buddha man though =[ )

I bought the Cherry Cola, Cherry Vanilla, and Cream Soda tins from Beautychoice.com and the Watermelon and Grapefruit from Ricky's NYC. I would have to say that my favorite ones are the Cherry Vanilla and Watermelon. Well, those are the two I have been reaching for the most. I think these are the most fragrant out of the bunch too. Pricing is about 3.00 per, which isn't too bad considering it seems to last forever, I have been using it almost religiously and I have only made a small dent in my watermelon one. I think these will last me a while, so I really recommend these if you are looking for a natural but yummy lip balm.

-Cute packaging
-Lots of product
-Not goopy
-Natural ingredients
-Natural sunscreen
-Not an overpowering smell

-Can be unsanitary for those on the go
-Product can take time to build up
-Doesn't really smell like what it says it smells like (this is only for some)

And because I love Kai Lan! She's my mini me =)


Pictures of Julu Jewelry by Stephanie on me

Ok I am camera whoring a bit...but I love these necklaces! Remember if you want to buy some go HERE and I don't have much makeup on, just tinted moisturizer, some eyeshadow and lipgloss.

This is the Sailor Chibimoon Inspired Necklace

Here is the Crane Necklace with the Rosaline Pearl

See you guys later! And stay warm cause it's (as Krystina would say) Ridonkulously cold out!

Merry Christmas...Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays!

I really hope that you guys like my tutorial =) Next tutorial will be a request to do a smokey eye, but I think I might glam it up a bit for New Years! =)

Yup, it's that time of year! Here is my holiday look, I hope you guys like it, sorry for the choppy editing, I'm still working on my iMovie skills!

http://meibelle.blogspot.com (please subscribe too! ^_^ )
If you have any requests or questions please send them my way!

Products I used
-Coastal Scents Undercover HD Foundation in ST-04
-Amazing Cosmetics in Light Golden
-Mac Studio Fix Powder in NC40
-Sephora's Blockbuster Palette
-Mac fluidline in Blacktrack
-Prestige eyeliner in black
-Maybelline Colorsensational lipstick in Born With It
-Nars lipgloss in Greek Holiday
-Coastal Scents 10 blush palette
-L'oreal Voluminous Mascara in Carbon Black waterproof

Take care! =) I really hope you like my tutorial!

all these products were purchased by me and I do not profit in any way from any company


Love for Julu!

I recently just got my package from Julu Jewelry by Stephanie and I had to share with you all what beautiful jewelry this girl makes, seriously. I have been wanting to buy a Swarovski crystal necklace but I really wanted to pick the right one for me. After finding this cute blog shop through another blog I follow I knew this was the place I would get THAT necklace.

I placed my order about a week ago and got the package yesterday! Super fast shipping ^^ I ripped open my package and was happy to find the goodies I ordered and also some extra ones (edible and non) and also a sweet handwritten note from Stephanie herself

By the way, all the edible goodies are gone...hehe.

Anyway, on to what I got. I picked two necklaces. The first one I knew I was going to get was the Crane necklace. I picked the yellow gold with a rosaline pearl sitting on top. I really loved this necklace because it reminds me of my Lau Lau (grandma). She taught me how to fold a crane out of paper when I was little, so this necklace gives me a bit of nostalgia. Every time I see it I think of her and it really makes me really happy.

The next necklace I got also brings back memories! *Sings* "Fighting evil by moonlight, winning love by daylight, never running from a real fight...." (Props to anyone who knows the song!) I got the Sailor Chibimoon inspired necklace. This is a silver necklace with a small pink Swarovski heart, a crystal colored Swarovski moon and also of course a pearl. This necklace is absolutely beautiful. Stunning. Gorgeous ____<---any positive adjective here. I put the necklace on and immediately thought of when I was younger running around shouting "Moon Prism Power!" I was deemed Sailor Moon by my friends because Usagi-Chan is a total spazz and so am I. Now that I'm older, I have my dreamy Tuxedo Mask to catch me when I klutz out ^_^.

I also got a free pair of earrings!! Beautiful little butterfly studs that I really love too.

So go and check her store out! Her creations are beautiful and really pieces of art! Plus her name is Stephanie, so of course she's awesome ^^

Oh yes, Holiday Tutorial is coming up! here is a sneak peak of it


"Never allow yourself to make someone your priority while allowing them to make you an option."

How true and fitting this quote is for my life.
Don't let anyone stress you to the point where you no longer care about yourself. There is only one you and only one version of you. So when you're down in the dirt pick yourself up and dust yourself off and keep going.

God doesn't put obstacles in your way to stop you or to make you quit, He puts them there so you can be stronger.

How I apply my foundation

So here we are again and after editing and fighting with youtube to upload my video it's finally up! =)

This is a pretty simple way to achieve that airbrushed look with your liquid foundation. I hope you guys enjoy and I will talk to you all soon!

The products I used:

-The Body Shop Vitamin EIlluminating Moisture Cream
-Karma Creatives lip balm in Cherry Vanilla
-Coastal Scents Undercover HD Foundation in ST-04
-Tarte the Eraser in Bisque
-N.Y.C. Loose Translucent powder in 741 A Translucent
-Revlon Brow Fantasy in Dark Brown
-Sephora eyeliner in Black
-CoverGirl lash blast waterproof mascara
-Yves St. Laurent Rouge Volupte Lipstick in #2
-Tarte Eyelash curler
-Coastal Scents 10 blush palette
-Essence of beauty foundation/concealer brush
-Essence of beauty blush brush
-Laura Mercier velour puff
-Tarte Eyelash curler



How fitting it is the first of December! I have huge feeling of motivation right now and I wish I could take it and bottle it up and carry it around with me!

We all deserve to be happy
We all should be happy

So go out there and do what makes you happy, do the thing that makes you feel your best, no one can or should stop you! You are worth it, don't listen to anyone who says otherwise, they AREN'T worth your time or effort.

~Stay beautiful! <3



 finally posted a new video for you guys. It's really quick and simple, it's an everyday look that I personally wear because I think liquid foundation can be very heavy and take a lot of time to apply everyday. Plus it's nice to let natural beauty shine through, if you have freckles let them show! They are a part of you and should be appreciated not hidden =).

If you don't want to use a tinted moisturizer,  I would suggest some type of mineral makeup in place of it. So it would be concealer and then the mineral foundation (usually because it's in powder form) It's also quick and good for your skin. Also what I didn't do here in the video is set my concealer with powder. It's not necessary but if you do want to set, I would add an extra step.

The video is still processing so the quality is pretty crap-tacular but I hope you all enjoy it!! I will list all the products I used underneath. Stay Beautiful!

Products I used
-Lumene Radiant Touch Toner
-Philosophy Eye Hope
-Neutrogena Healthy Skin Enhancer #40 or Neutral to Tan
-Lumeme Wrinkle Smoothing Concealer in Medium
-CVS Essence of Beauty Brush Duo Concealer/Foundation
-Ecotools eyeshadow brush
-Covergirl eyeshadow in Champagne
-Urban Decay eyeshadow in Half-baked
-Tarte Eyelash curler
-Covergirl Lash Blast in waterproof
-Nars blush in Angelika
-Mac Viva Glam V lipstick



Affirmation: Savage Garden

Such a great song to listen to, lyrics and all. It really helps to promote feel good vibes

I believe the sun should never set upon an argument
I believe we place our happiness in other people's hands
I believe that junk food tastes so good because it's bad for you
I believe your parents did the best job they knew how to do
I believe that beauty magazines promote low self esteem
I believe I'm loved when I'm completely by myself alone

I believe in Karma what you give is what you get returned
I believe you can't appreciate real love 'til you've been burned
I believe the grass is no more greener on the other side
I believe you don't know what you've got until you say goodbye

I believe you can't control or choose your sexuality
I believe that trust is more important than monogamy
I believe your most attractive features are your heart and soul
I believe that family is worth more than money or gold
I believe the struggle for financial freedom is unfair
I believe the only ones who disagree are millionaires

I believe in Karma what you give is what you get returned
I believe you can't appreciate real love 'til you've been burned
I believe the grass is no more greener on the other side
I believe you don't know what you've got until you say goodbye

I believe forgiveness is the key to your own happiness
I believe that wedded bliss negates the need to be undressed
I believe that God does not endorse tv evangelists
I believe in love surviving death into eternity

I believe in Karma what you give is what you get returned
I believe you can't appreciate real love 'til you've been burned
I believe the grass is no more greener on the other side
I believe you don't know what you've got until you say goodbye
Until you say goodbye


She's Purdy!

So this was a while ago, about three years ago, but I was given the privilege to do makeup for a bride. Now she's not just any bride, this is my sister from another mother, my other soulmate, my best friend Krystina. <3

Krystina and I met through her husband Kevin. Kevin is John's best friend, but we immediately clicked when we met when I had asked her "how do you get your hair so poofy?" Since then she has been there for me when I needed her, though she lives far away in the state of New Hampshire (it's near Canada! (I know it's not this is an inside joke we share)) she is only a phone call away.

Here we are two Christmas' ago =)

She is wonderful and beautiful and I was honored to do her makeup for her. This was when I first started to really understand the power and beauty of makeup. Both she and Kevin got married on the beautiful island of Dominican Republic. We woke up bright and early the day of her wedding and I eagerly waited for her.  After she got her beautiful hair done at the resort spa I went to work. I didn't have pale enough liquid foundation with me, (plus it was humid and hot as heck!) so I had to make things work with what I had.

Fast forward to about 30 minutes later......

That was right after I finished, I'm sad to say that I don't have a larger picture of it, but here are some that she took after about two or so hours after the ceremony and pictures in the sun

Because I only used powder foundation on her face her beautiful freckles came through. Her face is a little red from the sun (>_< again I had limited amount of makeup with me) but my main focus was her eyes, because they are a gorgeous blue.

A profession shot of her in her beautiful wedding gown

I love this picture, because they are a beautiful couple, also because she looks absolutely stunning!

So this was my first makeup assignment, and though I don't have my license yet that doesn't stop me from doing my research and also applying it on my friends or family. I think this one was so special because not only was it my first but also because it was for someone so important in my life, so thank you Krys for letting me enhance the already beautiful you on your special day.


A non makeup entry

Today I'll use this blog to talk about my everyday life as well. =)

Though most of you are probably my facebook friends checking out my blog, to those of you who are not, please don't think I'm all about makeup. I'm not. What I love about makeup is the creativity it allows. Your face is your canvas to create so many beautiful images. I also love that makeup can be just that little bit that adds confidence to a woman (or man). It can enhance the already beautiful features that everyone has. I'm a nerd that likes to look pretty. I read and play WoW (my vice though I am currently taking a hiatus) And of course my friends all know what I'm about =D

Sooooo....Thanksgiving! I'm super excited this year because it will just be me and my beau in our small little apartment. We (mostly me though) are gonna be cooking on our own, which means...*gasp* I'll be popping my baking a turkey cherry! Heh, it's not gonna be a whole turkey, it's the breast. I bought it today and it's HUGE! Especially for the two of us. I'll be eating turkey for days.

The holiday season is coming up and I am so excited to put up our little Charlie Brown tree and to buy gifts for all my important people. As cheesy as it may sound, your friends and family are the best gifts to be had.

If I don't update before Thanksgiving, Happy Turkey Day! Enjoy it with those you love and be safe. And most of all, LET THAT FAT KID OUT! =D

~Stay beautiful!


Happy Friday!

Hey Guys!
I'm finally starting to feel better! Woot! Anyway just wanted to write a blurb to say Hi!!!! Hope to see you all soon! =)

Ahh! I love my necklace! One of the best birthday presents ever! Plus I got some matching earrings =)


Parlez Vous to you!

Mind you that I have no clue what Parlez Vous means, but I picked out this OPI color when I went to get a manicure last week. I am in love with this nail polish! So in love that I asked the woman if I could buy it, when she said I couldn't I found it in another salon like store when I visited my Mum for lunch. Anywho, yeah this mauve purpley beautiful color is great! I got for about 8 bucks which isn't too expensive, I think it's a little more than an Essie nail polish, but OPI for me can't be found in a drugstore. Well in a Bayonne drugstore...

So, the color is great, it goes with my skin tone. And you know what else?? It lasts a hella long time! I mean it lasted about 5 days no chip whatsoever. AMAZING! I find this to be fantastic just because every time I paint my nails or get my nails done, it takes two days for it to chip and I feel that I wasted my time and money. With this nail polish I won't feel that way. I don't know if it's the mix of the formula or what but this just started to chip today and I got my manicure last Monday.

Thanks for reading guys! I appreciate really how much my friends are so supportive of me =). A new video will be up soon. I haven't put one up lately because my eyelids are having an allergy attack, meaning it's all scaly and not pretty -_-. Once my sore throat goes away I will try and get another tutorial up and running!

Stay beautiful!


How To Do a Red Lip

yay yay yay I'm finally getting the hang of iMovie!!! I hope you guys enjoy my first tutorial!!

Products I used
-Rimmel Exaggerate Full Colour Lip Liner in Red Diva
-Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in Alarm
-Sally Hansen Satin Effects lip gloss in Sensual
-Amazing Cosmetics in Light Golden
-CVS Essence of Beauty Brush Duo Concealer/Foundation
-Bare Escentuals Mineral Vei


So I got a trim today, my bangs desperately needed one. I had tried to cut them myself but failed miserably. I was oh so very happy today when I finally my hair trimmed and blown out =)

So here is a pic of me, sans makeup showing my trim, well more like my fresh cut bangs. Don't run away!

And I will be doing a tutorial soon! Maybe even tomorrow. Stay beautiful!



Just decided it was a smokey kind of day =)

Happy Thursday!!


My Video Review!!

Part 1! All the products I reviewed will be listed at the bottom of the videos!

Part 2

-Revlon Double Twist Mascara
-L'Oreal Collagen Mascara
-CoverGirl Lash Blast
-CoverGirl Lashblast Length
-Maybelline Stiletto
-Lancome Hypnose Drama
-Maybelline Great Lash (Big)

-Maybelline Lash Discovery (Waterproof)
-L'Oreal Double Extend Wear
-Tarte's Lights! Camera! Lashes!
-L'Oreal Voluminous in Black and Carbon Black (Both waterproof)
-L'Oreal Bare Naturale

I hope you guys enjoyed this, I was nervous as heck!!!! Please let me know what you think


Just a quick blurb

So I have been thinking of what to review next for my blog. I'm actually thinking of doing mascaras next. I have a ton of them and I just figured that maybe I could go through each of my faves and non faves.

I might even do a Vlog! What? Hearing myself speak? Outrageous

So by the end of this week there will be an update coming. I'm going to try and be more disciplined when it comes to writing in general. I fall off way to easily.

Till later, stay beautiful!


I'm back!

Ok so i'm back and sorry it's been a while since I've updated. I've been trying to figure out what to review and what not to review, I have a lot of makeup in my apt lol and I've been slowly trying to get rid and keep of what I want and what I don't want.

Another reason why I haven't updated is because this past weekend was my birthday and I was celebrating with the beau ;).

Anywho on to the review!

So what am I going to review today? Well the thing I will talk about is pretty large, in fact it's quoted to be worth a $400 dollar value!

Here is the Sephora Brand Ultimate Blockbuster! But yes this $400 dollar value can be yours for $48.00!! (plus tax of course) This is the ultimate palette for those makeup lovers who want to go and experiment different looks. It's a three tier palette that comes with !96! eyeshadows, 60 lipglosses, 3 blushes, 2 lipliners, 9 eyeliners, and of course the standard brushes. Seriously though, that's insane!! Forty-eighty bucks and I get all this?!

So I was so so very excited to get home and look at all these beautiful colors.  I cleaned my hands and began to test all the colors on my arms and wrists to see how lush and also how pigmented this palette was. I was not disappointed in the eyeshadows. Each one held it's color on my skin beautifully and not only that, it's every spectrum of the rainbow! I adore the blues and the neutrals the most.  I haven't really been able to test all of them yet just because of the sheer abundance them.  The one thing that deters me is the smell. I don't know how to describe it, but every time I open the box, it's like WHAM. I never knew that shadows could have such a strong scent. But once you put it on your eyes the smell dissipates.  Maybe it's just because they are all together. In order to get the full pigmentation of the shadows, I would suggest for you to put on an eye primer like Urban Decay's Primer Potion. It stays much better with a base. Here is a picture below displaying all the different shades.

The next level is not really my favorite level.  Maybe it's because I'm picky about the kinds of lipgloss or lipstick that goes on my lips, but these are all right for me.  The colors in the lip gloss look more concentrated in the box than they do on my lips, but there are some that are nice. They look pretty dark but when I swipe them onto my lips there is a hint of color, which is nice to put over a lipstick or to brighten your lips in general. Some of the were hard, which I didn't like, it took a while for me to pick up any color on my finger or brush and that can be frustrating. Plus I also just go to my array of lipsticks for my lips =).  They didn't excite me as much as the eyeshadows did.

The last layers consists of the eyeliners and brushes and blushes.  The blushes are beautiful. Great for contouring and adding color to brighten up your face.  The eyeliners are pretty decent too, they are non dryings and easy to apply on lash lines without much tugging.  There are also some additional eyeshadows, a row of really matte colors and really shimmery colors. I guess they separated them to show consumers that these could be used to set the eyeliners and also to fill in your eyebrows.  There are also eyeliner pencils which are OK, just by testing them on my hand I could tell that after a while they fade. The brushes are your standard brushes that come with any cosmetic kit...meaning they aren't that great. If you really want to get the full experience with this palette I suggest that with the money you saved buying this palette to go and invest in some good brushes. (Some great cheap brushes that are pretty good quality are at www.coastalscents.com) =)

So bottom line, this is pretty awesome as a gift to a friend who loves to experiment with makeup or to yourself if you want to start dabbling into makeup. With so many different options, there is no way that even the most "non-creative" people will become creative.

Here is the link for those interested:

Stay beautiful


Haul Time!

Ok to make up for the fact that I haven't really updated in about a week, I've coming bearing more than one review. =)

As requested by Ladyboombox I will be telling you all how I feel about Bare Minerals.

So the two I photographed are from the starter kit. These are the main ones I use(d). The starter kit when I bought it came with 3 brushes: the all over face coverage, the kabuki brush, and the concealer brush, and four different powders: Medium, medium beige, warmth, and mineral veil. Now this review is based on the company's older formula, I know they have changed it since I've bought the starter kit so I can't say what the new formula is like on my skin. I've heard that the company has since changed it due to many people complaining about rashes and allergic reactions.

Ok, so now to my love/hate relationship with this product. When I first got it, I was so excited to try it, especially since I've seen the infomercials and heard all the rave reviews about it. (I'm a sucker for advertising) I always wanted the nice finished dewy skin that all the celebrities seem to have all the time so I bought it. The first time I applied it, I did it in the wrong sequence because I didn't bother to look at the dvd it came with...yeah very newbie of me, but anyway, AFTER watching the right way to do it I tried it for about a week everyday. The infomercial and the dvd claimed that it could be quick and easy so I was even excited about that. I found it can be quick and easy and MESSY. Extremely messy, my poor slate grey sink became sprinkled with a mixture of beiges and white powders. It is not quick to have to wash your sink off.

Anywho the product itself claimed that it wasn't like pressed powder and it could be used on all skin types. The small area under my nose is always dry and my cheeks are too at times. Knowing that I had hoped Bare Minerals would be true to their word. Yeah, that didn't work out too well, the formula looked caked on and just not attractive. I also realized that though the starter kit is nice, I never used Medium because it didn't match my skin at all. The warmth was also rarely used because every time I used it (I applied only a tad along my hairline) my Beau would tell me that my face looked way darker than the rest of my body. Another gripe about this product is the fact that I look like a ghost every time someone takes my picture! Because there is mica in it, it reflects off the flash giving me a ghostly white face. Not attractive.

Ok so you're probably wondering, what does she like about it? I do like the coverage. I didn't need a lot to cover blemishes and discolorations on my face. I love the mineral veil, it did what it claimed to do: aka minimize the appearance of pores and give an all over finished look. The brushes that it came with were soft and easy to use, and they didn't shed! Even after I washed them, I got maybe three strands from it.

Maybe the new formulas are nicer, though I would have to read more reviews on them before I decide if I want to try Bare Minerals again.

Ok next review goes to.......

My NARS blush in Angelika. I love this blush, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!! If you want that "I just came in from the snow glow" look I recommend this for you. The color just pops. There is some shimmer in it, but when you put it on it doesn't show. Which is a good thing to me, I don't want to look like a glitter stick orgasmed on my face. =D But I have never thought I would like blush so much but I really do enjoy it. I think this will last me a while too just because a tiny bit is all I need to give me some color. I've only used it twice, but I think I'm in love.
Now for people with paler skin, it might give u that baby doll look instead of the flushed look and I don't know how this pink would translate on very dark skin tones, it might not be a great look, I think blushes geared towards the bronzy hues tend to look better on darker skin tones.

Whew, I was gonna add one more but I wrote a lot! I will update soon though, stay beautiful everyone!!



My First Review!

So this is my first review about a cosmetic product. Now to clarify, I'm not a label whore, I don't specifically go for a certain brand just because of it's name, I sample and try an array of products until I find the perfect fit for me.

Ok now that I've gotten that out of the way, my first review will be on *drumroll please.....* my MAC Studio Fix pressed powder in NC40.

Ta Da! It's all pretty in its nice case. *Stares dreamily at it* Ok ok, anyway, I went into Macy's and straight to the MAC counter where they blared Lady GaGa music (she's the new spokesperson for Viva Glam) I asked the very helpful artist to assist me in my quest to find the perfect compact powder for me. My guidelines for this were simple: something I could quickly use to cover my face, non messy, and something that matched my Asian skin. We chitchatted about the different tones and colors and she contemplated the NC35 but then thought against it. (I think she said no because she couldn't find it) She rummaged through the racks of the many Studio Fix's and found the NC40 and applied it on my jawline with the oh so fluffy contour brush. Surprise, surprise she found a great match and it didn't make me look like a ghost like my Bare Minerals in medium beige. I was so happy with it, I purchased it right away along with some other products, I'll be writing my review on them later ;) and waited in anticipation to tear the box open once I got home.

I have been using the product for about a week now, and I have to say it covers pretty evenly without drying my skin out and without me having to cake it on. After I apply my moisturizer and primer, I use a basic big powder brush and just buff it gently onto my skin and viola! a smooth face. I'm in love. This is not drying for me at all. I have combination skin and certain areas such as under my nose and at times my cheeks are flaky, but my forehead can at times be really oily. (bleh) So far when I apply it, it doesn't look cakey and it doesn't look like I'm made up. I hate fussing with the loose mineral powders when I'm in a rush and liquid foundation seems so heavy for me, I literally want to scratch it off my face cause I feel it itches! But this compact, this wonderful compact is so far so good in my book. I definitely think I will be buying this product once I get through this one.

Yeah I look silly in this picture but look at how nice my skin is! =D Tata for now all my beautiful people


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