She's Purdy!

So this was a while ago, about three years ago, but I was given the privilege to do makeup for a bride. Now she's not just any bride, this is my sister from another mother, my other soulmate, my best friend Krystina. <3

Krystina and I met through her husband Kevin. Kevin is John's best friend, but we immediately clicked when we met when I had asked her "how do you get your hair so poofy?" Since then she has been there for me when I needed her, though she lives far away in the state of New Hampshire (it's near Canada! (I know it's not this is an inside joke we share)) she is only a phone call away.

Here we are two Christmas' ago =)

She is wonderful and beautiful and I was honored to do her makeup for her. This was when I first started to really understand the power and beauty of makeup. Both she and Kevin got married on the beautiful island of Dominican Republic. We woke up bright and early the day of her wedding and I eagerly waited for her.  After she got her beautiful hair done at the resort spa I went to work. I didn't have pale enough liquid foundation with me, (plus it was humid and hot as heck!) so I had to make things work with what I had.

Fast forward to about 30 minutes later......

That was right after I finished, I'm sad to say that I don't have a larger picture of it, but here are some that she took after about two or so hours after the ceremony and pictures in the sun

Because I only used powder foundation on her face her beautiful freckles came through. Her face is a little red from the sun (>_< again I had limited amount of makeup with me) but my main focus was her eyes, because they are a gorgeous blue.

A profession shot of her in her beautiful wedding gown

I love this picture, because they are a beautiful couple, also because she looks absolutely stunning!

So this was my first makeup assignment, and though I don't have my license yet that doesn't stop me from doing my research and also applying it on my friends or family. I think this one was so special because not only was it my first but also because it was for someone so important in my life, so thank you Krys for letting me enhance the already beautiful you on your special day.


  1. Krystina needs to give you some love for such a wonderful blog entry!

  2. You ladies look beautiful in those pics! You did a great job Steph on Krystina's makeup! I hope you have more of these to share for your blog :-)

  3. awh! this brought me to tears! this was one of the most important days of my life and i wouldnt have had anyone else but you there for me! I Love you girl....I couldnt ask for a better best friend


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