A Review: Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse Foundation

This foundation has been all the rave on some bloggers and amongst the YouTube community so I had to see what the hype was about. I really do like this foundation though it has some vices. It provides the smooth flawless skin that it boasts and the texture of it feels really nice! It's cooling and applies easily with medium to thick coverage. This foundation is best applied with a stippling brush or a dense flat top brush. It does come with a generic sponge but I haven't used it to apply the foundation.

The price can range from $7.99 to $9.99 depending on where you purchase it from. I paid $7.00 at my local CVS when it was having a Maybelline sale. There isn't much product, only 0.49 ounces which is pretty minimal if you ask me.

The packaging is definitely not my favorite. It's very bulky for such little product. The lid makes up for more than half of the space and is a waste of plastic! I would have much preferred if this came with just a simple screw on lid with no sponge holder.

Here is what the 
Maybelline sites claims:Why You'll Love It
Unique cream-whipped foundation provides 100% baby-smooth perfection.
  • Skin looks and feels hydrated for 14 hours - never rough or dry
  • Lightweight formula provides perfectly moisturizing coverage
  • Blends seamlessly and feels fresh all-day
  • Oil-free, Fragrance-free, Dermatologist Tested, Allergy Tested, Non-comedogenic – won’t clog pores.
  • Safe for sensitive skin

I will say that the claim of 14 hours is false. After about six hours I can see the foundation slipping off and my pores reappearing. If you are someone with big pores, this foundation might accentuate it. It does feel moisturizing, which can be a problem people who have very oily skin. You need to set this foundation with a powder for it to have any staying power. Because of the texture, if you don't set it with a powder it will rub off which is not pretty.

Another strike against this foundation are the shades. It comes in a very limited ten shades. I had a hard time picking out a foundation that was right for me. I eventually settled on 240 Natural Beige because it had gold/yellow undertones in it. I was afraid that it would be too dark but it did blend nicely into my skin. I think that if I went with the shade next shade lighter, which would be 200 Creamy Natural, it would've have worked for me as well.

There is no SPF which means no white cast, but I wouldn't wear this out for a night dancing, I'd be too afraid that it would melt off my face! This foundation is probably best for the day when you're out running errands or going out for a lunch date. If it had more staying power I think this would be an excellent foundation but for now, it's just a good foundation.


-Light weight
-Medium to thick coverage
-Flawless application
-Cooling sensation

-Limited shades
-Not long lasting
-Can accentuate pores or oiliness
-Bulky packaging!

Would I repurchase: Probably not, though the shade matches me very well the hassle of me having to worry if my face is rubbing off my clothes deters me from buying this again.


September favorites

Hey all you wonderful people! I actually have my hits of the month on time! Woo! Enjoy it all and I will talk to you soon <3


Foundation Pic Tutorial!

Here is a picture tutorial I did the other day using Maybelline's Dream Smooth Mousse Foundation and everything else Maybelline, excluding the brushes and mascara. I didn't want to do a video since I already had one, but I figured some of your blogger girls would appreciate it. I will have the review on this up soon, hopefully the latest by tomorrow. I really want to try to get my August and September favorites up before the end of the month!

On to the tutorial!

 I hope this helps some of your girls who aren't sure how to apply this foundation. Let me know what you think of this. Do you like picture tutorials? Or would you prefer I do videos?

Hope everyone is having a fantastic week so far! Remember MAC Venomous Villains is out today so scoop your picks before they're all gone!


What is DJK Sports??

Hey you guys and gals, if you noticed on my blog I have a new tab on my menu bar and it's called DJK Sports. If you're wondering what it is, it's actually a blog started by my fiance and his best friend. Both contribute with their insights and predictions for all different sports including: football, baseball, and MMA. So if you're a sports fan, please go take a look and if you like their writing and wit please follow! <3

Thanks for looking! ^__^

P.S. I will have a pic tutorial coming up on how to apply Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse Foundation along with a review!


Review: Conair Infiniti You Curl Curling Iron

I had always wanted to try the HerStyler curling iron, but being that my budget has been tight for a few months I restrained myself from spending the dough on it. Then one day while I was watching MTV at o'dark thirty in the morning and a commercial from Conair came on and it featured this.
It looked exactly like the Herstyler and many of the other high end no clamp curlers that I had been interested in.  However after watching it, I forgot about it until I found it in my CVS on sale! The original price of this is $44.99 USD but when I purchased it they had lowered it to $31.99. So not only had I saved money off the original price, I didn't have to pay for shipping.

Here is what the Conair site says:
-Instant style with no clamp – simply wrap
-Fast and easy, with no kinks
-Tourmaline Ceramic™ technology – more protection, reduces frizz, helps eliminate static, and no damaging hot spots
-Powerful ceramic heater
-30-second instant heat*
-Ultra-high heat levels – 400°F/204°C
-Auto shutoff
-LED indicator lights
-Professional length line cord
-Limited five-year warranty

What I like about this curler is that it does have the temperature gauge. Unlike a dial there is a button you push to select your desired heat setting. It starts at 310 degrees and goes in intervals of 310, 330, 360, 400. Though the setting is limited I prefer this rather than the dials that go from 1-25. There is also a blinking red light to tell you that it's on. Also, this curler comes with a swivel cord so you don't have to worry about getting tangled. Unlike the Herstyler, this does not come with gloves so when wrapping your hair around this, you must take caution or you will burn yourself.

I am in love with this curler! It looks like I have a perm when I use this. It did take some getting used to and I got frustrated at wrapping my hair around the curler but after a few goes I got the hang of it. The curls aren't uniform but I like the feel of that. What I love most is that my curls stay. With a regular curling iron my hair never held the curl, but if I curl my hair with the You Curl, my curls last all day. Here are some pics I took. Let me know if you guys want a tutorial on this.
-Temperature gauge
-Auto shutoff
-Makes hair shiny because of cermanics
-Tight curls that stay

-No gloves, higher chance of burning fingers
-Can take some getting used to


Review: Dior Addict Ultra Gloss

A current favorite gloss of mine as of late has to be my Dior Addict Ultra Gloss in Satin Peach. I really wanted a peachy nude gloss to wear on a everyday basis instead of my usual pinks and nudes and had heard rave reviews on this gloss because of its texture and non-stickiness. I was so happy to find this at my Sephora and snatched it right up.

Here is Sephora's Description:
What it does:Straight from the runway, new Dior Addict Ultra Gloss features a featherweight formula with a flash-plumping, "spotlight shine" effect. Hyaluronic spheres keep lips smooth and moisturized, while mirror-like micropearls reflect light in all directions for a dazzling finish. The package is tall and sleek, with a Lucite top that mirrors the nano-spotlight effect. The precision brush applicator makes for effortless, perfect application every time.

What else you need to know:
An exclusive "Spotlight Shine" complex features glass-like micro-marbles of varying sizes, which multiply light tenfold to illuminate lips like nano-spotlights! The nano-spotlights reflect light in every direction like a kaleidoscope, to multiply and maximize shine—all while delivering a sheer wash of catwalk color.

This gloss is not sticky at all! It comes with a brush applicator compared to the regular doe foot applicator. The brush is soft and makes for precise application which is a plus. The packaging is divine. High class and sturdy. This gloss comes in twelve different shades and are all a nice sheer of color. I had about 8 different colors on my hands before I decided on Satin Peach. It actually reminds me of a better version of Urban Decay's Pocket Rocket (My review). There isn't that strong burnt sugar smell, rather it's a pleasant faint sweet smell.

It claims to plump your lips and it does to a certain extent. There is no strange stinging or tingling sensations on your lips. The "glass-like micro marbles of varying sizes" create the illusion of fuller lips. It's a slight illusion so don't expect Angelina lips if you have thinner lips. Another plus is that it's also moisturizing and doesn't make my lips peel.

The price tag is a hefty $26.50 USD. The markup is more for the name than anything else. This tube contains 0.21 fluid ounces which isn't bad. UD's Pocket Rocket does contain more for the price. They have 0.27 fluid ounces for $19 USD. The only other thing I would say that bothers me is the staying power; because it's not sticky it tends to fade faster than most but at this point I'm really picking at it.

Click on the images to enlarge
Of course I also have swatches for you guys as well!

My lip pigmentation shows through but you can still see the peachy color and the sparkles.
-Beautiful Packaging
-Faint sweet smell
-Variety of colors
-Illusion of plump lips without the sting
-Brush applicator

-Staying power

Would I Repurchase: Heck yes! This gloss is the shizzle!


Review: MAC Face and Body Foundation

About three weeks ago I picked up MAC's Face and Body Foundation while I was in Atlantic City celebrating John's birthday. I had been eying this foundation for a while because I really wanted to own a SPF free foundation for night outings. I was beginning to hate how my face had that white cast from the flash. To me, it's unattractive to look like a pasty ghost face while the rest of my body is tan.

The first time I saw this foundation was when I just started getting into watching makeup tutorials on YouTube.  Michelle Phan, aka Ricebunny aka the Queen of the Makeup Gurus on Youtube (lol) did a clubbing tutorial using this foundation and ever since then I've been wanting it. I know that's a long time ago because this video is pretty old.

Anyway, I finally bit the bullet and bought the foundation. It's taken me a while to review this just because I wanted to test it out before I gave my full opinion just in case of break-outs, oxidation, you know, all that jazz.

Here is the description on the MAC website as to what and how this foundation is and feels like:
"A water-based, water-resistant foundation that provides long-lasting, natural coverage for face and/or body. Ideal for all skin types. Face and Body Foundation provides sheer, natural looking coverage in an easy to blend, water-resistant formula. The long-lasting formula is available in a wide range of colours and contains several emollients to help moisturize and condition the skin. It delivers professional looking results that meet the exacting standards of beauty photography and is ideal for perfecting the face and body."

Here are the photos of the bottle. I no longer have the box that it came with because I left it in Atlantic City but it is your standard black MAC black box, nothing extravagant but still sophisticated.
Click to enlarge the Images

This foundation has a very watery consistency. I thought that my Revlon PhotoReady foundation was liquidity but this one takes the cake. What do I think of this foundation? I think it's a very light foundation, almost to the point where it feels exactly like a tinted moisturizer. The coverage can be built up but it overall is a sheer foundation. If you don't like feeling as if you have anything on your face this may be the foundation for you. 

The price of this is $32 USD which may seem like a lot but look at how much product you get with it! It's 4 fluid ounces which is much more than the 1.01 fluid ounces found in Make Up Forever's High Definition foundation which prices at $42 USD.

There are 13 shades for this foundation.  If you are in between foundations this is not a problem because the colors blend very well against your skin so there is no worry about harsh edges. I picked C4 and now that I think about it, I could have easily gone with C3 because the colors are very similar. I had swatched both on my hand and both disappeared but I think C4 might be better for me just in case of a tan. There is a slight citrus scent to this foundation which I found very pleasant. It reminded me of something you would get from The Body Shop. I applied two layers of this, one with my fingers just as I would a lotion and then I stippled it on with my dense flat top ELF Studio Brush and it gave me a nice airbrushed finish. 

So what are the cons of this foundation? It can make you look shiny unless you set it with a powder. I had to retouch once during the night I was out. If you have very oily skin, this foundation might enhance that. If you are looking for a foundation that has high coverage then this one should not be your first pick. Though my skin looked flawless, I still needed some extra coverage for the redness around my nose. Another con is that this can separate because of the water in it. When I tried the tester I didn't shake it and the water floating on the top came out first, I made quite an EWWW face haha. My bottle hasn't done it yet but I feel as if I have to use it up quick so it doesn't expire on me.

Here are swatches of it:
-Light feeling
-Nice scent
-Easy application
-No SPF for night time/photos

-May be too sheer for some
-Water based and can enforce oiliness
-Can separate after some time. Short expiration

Would I repurchase: If I ever get rid of this bottle! Maybe.
If you guys have any questions about this let me know! 

FTC Disclaimer: This product was purchased by me. All opinions given are my honest opinions.


Another Quick OoTD Vid =)

I'm on a roll! Woot. I went to the city today to meet up with a friend and this is what I put together. Unless I'm going somewhere special, I usually try to be as comfortable as possible. My hair looks like a mess because I recorded the video after I came home. Any who, enjoy it guys <3

Top(s): Forever 21
Jeans: American Eagle
Boots: Steve Madden

Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse in 240
Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer in Light/Med
NARS Laguna Bronzer
MAC Pink Swoon Blush

MAC Gold Mode Pigment
Lorac eyeshadow in Suede
L'Oreal Carbon Black Lineur Intense Liner
Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner

NARS Angelika Lipgloss


A Quick Vid

Hey guys! I'm so close to having 200 followers! That giveaway is getting closer and closer!!

But anyway, I just did a quick video on my Cybershot featuring an OoTD and a FoTD. I had the mirror at an angle so I look kinda chunky. Booo.

I list everything I'm wearing in the info box but if you guys wanna know anything specific just ask! I hope everyone is doing well! Can you believe it's the middle of September already?! Hope to hear from you all soon!


Secret Exchange: Angel or Devil

So a few weeks ago a blogger friend, Linda, made a gift exchange event and though I was late to join, I'm so very happy I did! I joined late because I didn't realize when the deadline was, but Linda and all the other girls were so nice about it and let me come into the gift exchange anyway. ^^

The whole point of the secret exchange was to decorate the package, or leave a sign as to whether or not your sender is an angel or a devil. The creativity I have seen from the other girls has been amazing. It's awesome to see how people interpret the same thing.

So I received my package about over a week ago before I left to go to AC with John and did a little glee happy dance.

Hmmm I wonder, an angel? Or a devil? haha

After I ripped the wrapping in excitment lol.


Presents upwrapped! I swear it's like the sender knew me really well because these were all things I had either wanted or needed.

I know we didn't have to reveal who our sender was but I must give a big thank you to JOANNA aka Miss JbreezyBaby! You have totally rocked my socks with everything you have given me you Devil of a gal!

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