Secret Exchange: Angel or Devil

So a few weeks ago a blogger friend, Linda, made a gift exchange event and though I was late to join, I'm so very happy I did! I joined late because I didn't realize when the deadline was, but Linda and all the other girls were so nice about it and let me come into the gift exchange anyway. ^^

The whole point of the secret exchange was to decorate the package, or leave a sign as to whether or not your sender is an angel or a devil. The creativity I have seen from the other girls has been amazing. It's awesome to see how people interpret the same thing.

So I received my package about over a week ago before I left to go to AC with John and did a little glee happy dance.

Hmmm I wonder, an angel? Or a devil? haha

After I ripped the wrapping in excitment lol.


Presents upwrapped! I swear it's like the sender knew me really well because these were all things I had either wanted or needed.

I know we didn't have to reveal who our sender was but I must give a big thank you to JOANNA aka Miss JbreezyBaby! You have totally rocked my socks with everything you have given me you Devil of a gal!


  1. yaay! I hope you like them all! Its not neatly packed/wrapped like everybody else lol but at least i made sure you know im a very very naughty gal! :D

  2. That's cool you got goodies that you wanted or needed! Enjoy =D

  3. Haha, I love the cute hello kitties!!

    And lovely stuffies!! Enjoy using them =)


  4. o that's awesome! can't wait to see swatches/reviews : )

  5. cuuuuuuuute~~~! Lucky you and the HK is sooo cute > <

  6. ooh girl! You got some really good stuff!!! I wanted to join - but I saw Stephanie's blog post too late. T_T maybe next time.

  7. wow look at all the awesome goodies! I love the HK stamps on the box hehe

  8. Sorry for spamming you, you know it's not my policy, but I just want to tell all participants of the "A piece of me" game that I've moved my blog to welovetoothfairy.com!

    btw... if you want to follow me, you'll need to sign up again, as I've noticed people were having trouble following me, so I've deleted the old google connect!


  9. LOL, that's so cool--I've never seen HK with horns. For the package you sent, were you an angel or devil?

  10. looks like you got a lot of great goodies, what a great idea of Linda!



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