Blog Challenge Day 2 and 3

So I picked the worst week to start this blog challenge haha. So I'll fit two challenges in today

Day 2:A Pic of Something You Can't Live Without
Mah boo and my cellphone. He's holding his cellphone haha. He's my best friend. Everyday he comes home I am so happy to see him. Everyone keeps telling me that you have to marry your best friend and I totally feel that way. We balance each other out, he's the rational one, I'm the emotional one you know, stuff like that ^^

Blog Challenge Day 3: A Habit You Wish You Didn't Have
I really wish I wasn't a compulsive shopper. It's like I see limited edition and I go "MUST HAVE!" it's like another person takes over. Bad bad bad. I've gotten a lot better especially since it's my own money I'm spending but once in a while I feel a binge shopping trip and it's so hard to control.

This is not part of the blog challenge but I went to Tao this past week with J and his family and I got this as a fortune. I laughed super hard


  1. Aww, #2 is too wonderful for words. I'm really happy for you two. My impulse buying is usually limited to different types of food.

    Your fortune is much better than the last one I received, It was something like "hang in there".

  2. Awww... and I love my boo and my cellphone too very much! I wished I'm not a compulsive buyer myself. Sometimes, I know I don't need an item but I just buy it just for the sake of "owning one". I try to explain this to my bf why I had so much makeup yet some of them are just collecting dust and I tell him well it's the same thing as you collecting jerseys!

  3. awwww - my hubby/my kiddos are the things I can't live without...

    And LOL I laughed hard at your fotune! heheheh too funny!

  4. LOL @ your fortune. I think those who didn't get any action smiled anyway :) I know what you mean by having a balanced relationship, I'm definitely the emotional one in mine. It's an indescribable feeling to be in love with your best friend :)

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  5. More blog challenges!

    The dress actually doesn't fit that great, but I loved it so much I got it anyway, LOL. The boob area is a bit loose, but that just means I gotta stand up straighter ;p good for my posture atleast


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