My Nars Angelika Lipgloss Review

I made another video! Huzzah!

It's still processing but yeh =)


  1. that looks like one awesome lip gloss! Great review and I especially liked the photos at the end. Gorgeous!

  2. I'm not sure why, but it is always fun to hear blog friends talk--and now I know nice gloss to buy for my wife! =)

  3. hooooly moly that bad boy is PIGMENTED. LUSTING! you have a mega watt smileee, haha.

    in response to your previous post, i want to say it's the bra but can you believe i'm only wearing a wireless cotton one?!

  4. The lipgloss looks really great on you! The pigmentation is really awesome, thanks for the review! :)

  5. I SUPER DUPER LOVE this lipgloss color on you. ^_^ *thumbs up* btw - love the blush too eheheh ^_^

  6. Damn, that color is amazing! I'm currently on a "no-buy" and you're making me itch to get this, lol.

    But yesss, definitely go make an eBates account! If you shop online already, why not at least get paid (cashback) while you're already doing what you do? I've made $80 so far, lol. So it kinda makes me feel a little bit better about my shopping purchases :)

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