Comparison Review: MAC Pro LongWear NC25 vs MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC25

For those of you who watched my November favorites, you saw that I had mentioned MAC's Pro LongWear foundation as one of my hits. I also promised that I would compare it to the MAC Studio Fix Fluid foundation that is beloved by so many. So today I will list the differences and similarities of both.

The Contenders:
Just to note, I have had my MAC Studio Fix for about over a year and I picked up the Pro LongWear about two months ago. I need to also retract my statement from my video that the Prolong Wear is darker than the Studio Fix. It's not, it just appears that way in the bottle.

Let The Battle Begin!

Let's start off with MAC's Pro LongWear. It claims to last at least 15 hours in any environment. I have worn this foundation for about 10 hours and it has lasted pretty well, I have yet to wear it for a full 15 hours. The texture according to the MAC website is that it is light and creamy. I would have to agree with this. Once applied my face looked pretty flawless and I didn't need to set it with a powder. This as you see from the picture above, also comes with a wonderful pump for easy and sanitary dispension of the foundation. So let's see, long lasting, light texture, and a pump? That should totally beat out the Studio Fix Fluid right?

Well let's consider the con's of this foundation. It dries super fast meaning you need to work quickly or else you're gonna end up with some patches of uneven color. It is also probably not good for those gals who have dry skin. It will accentuate it really badly. Another drawback is the color range. It seems that this line of foundation is very yellow or too pink, there aren't many neutral shades so women might have an issue trying to find their perfect shade. The scent of this is the same as my MAC Studio Fix Fluid so there's no escaping that one ladies! Also even though there is a small amount of SPF you look really white with a bright flash. Like so:
Me and my Bestie at my Birthday Bash a month ago
When I first saw this I was like AHHH white! But at least I match my neck.

The MAC Studio Fix Fluid has been coveted by many makeup-nistas. (Yes I just made up my own word lol) It provides a flawless finish and sits comfortably on my skin. The coverage is thicker and will even out any skin discolorations. I don't use concealer when I use this foundation because it covers EVERYTHING. There is a great color range that provides several shades.

The packaging of course is a big gripe because there is no pump so many women feel like they're wasting a ton of product. As mentioned with the MAC Pro LongWear, this has a distinct scent. It kind of reminds me of Lubiderm and isn't offensive to me but I can see why people wouldn't like it. This has more leniency towards dry skin than the Pro LongWear. Since this is a full coverage foundation, people (including myself) have complained about it being cakey. I have found that it's because we apply too much. This foundation also needs to be set with a powder or you will transfer your face to your clothes, your beau, your sheets, everywhere!

Here is a picture of me with my Studio Fix Fluid taken with flash. It doesn't seem as harsh nor do I seem so white.

Now here are swatches of both, click the picture to enlarge it to see the full differences:

So who wins? Let's list everything out and decide:

MAC Pro LongWear

-Long lasting
-Sanitary Pump
-Provides nice even coverage
-No setting powder needed

-Color range is limited
-Hard to blend
-Creates a very white cast in photos
-Not great for those with dry skin

MAC Studio Fix Fluid

-Full coverage
-More forgiving for those with dry skin
-Better color range
-Cheaper than Pro LongWear
-No concealer needed

-No pump
-May be too thick for some
-Not smudge resistant

-Needs setting powder

Looks like it's a tie....I really wasn't expecting it. I'll let you ladies and gents (I didn't forget you Ric!) decide who wins this match. Have you tried this? What do you guys think?

Happy Thursday!!


  1. thanks for the comparison and review! i never tried studio fix before but i do have the prolongwear and i love the long lasting effects!

  2. OMG you like totally just read my mind from a few days back. i was wondering what the diff is between the two bc im currently using studio fix. i need more coverage so im guessing studio fix is better? but i still wanna try pro long wear!! thanks for the review. btw, i HATE how MAC's foundation gives off the white cast glow..hate it hate it hate it!!!

    anyway, yes i was SO irked when i got home from working on thanksgiving night (blk friday madness i tell ya) and saw that it was already sold out before laptops and tvs were sold out online!!! hahaha wth!!!? so im tryin to get it tonight. let me know if you're able to get one.

    p.s. girl, i love your blog! i just added you onto my FEENIN list, ha.

  3. woohoo! This was an awesome comparison and review. I've never tried the Studio Fix, but I am too scared to because I have sensitive skin and I hear that lots of people break out from it. I tried a sample of the Pro Longwear, but unfortunately, I think it broke me out. T.T I loved the finish and coverage and feeling. It was sooo close to being my HG, but I think it may have contributed to my sudden breakouts. When I stopped using it, my breakouts decreased. I don't know.. I may try it out again because I loved everything about it otherwise! :)

  4. Great comparison! :D I have never tried either foundations, but I do use the MAC Studio Sculpt which I love. Is that similar to either ones you reviewed? I'm curious to try the Long Wear since I don't have s super dry skin.

  5. Waaahh I really wanna try the mac pro-long wear foundation but i have dry skin during winter but currently my skin's kinda alright like bit dry bit oily...i dont know if i should get it....especially i dont wear liquid foundation that often Mmmm have you try the pro-wear concealer?

  6. I've never tried neither of them but thanks for the comparison! It seems Studio Fix Fluid is more for dry skin.
    ryc: I'm well babe! Hope you are too :)

  7. This was such a great review!



  8. Awesome review! Seems like both can be a winner, depending on the specific need.

  9. Thank you for the comparison! Very well thought-out. I'm also an NC25 so I'll be on your blog more often to see what other foundies I should try!

  10. you've just made my decisions for me ^^ I have decided to go with the pro long wear

  11. what if im NC30 in mac prolong wear? what shade should i take for studio fix?

    1. Sorry for not replying sooner! I didn't see your comment. I would suggest to go with NC30 for Studio Fix as well, it may be a tad lighter. I think your best bet would be to go to the store and test it.


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