Review: Milani Baked Eyeshadows

Milani recently released a new line of baked eyeshadows. There are two versions of this, the metallic version and also the marbleized version. They are essentially the same, even some of the metallic eyeshadows have a bit of the marbling effect of them. This eyeshadow can be used dry or wet.

I picked up the colors, Melange (marbleized), Blue My Mind (Metallic), and Drenched in Gold (Metallic). These eyeshadows run from $6.99 USD and up.
The packaging is lovely and lightweight but can be a bit bulky for some. The odd shape may prove to be an annoyance for those who like to stack their eyeshadows or organized them. There is a curved applicator that clicks into place. It has two applicators on each end. One is a generic sponge applicator and the other is a liner brush. The liner brush is crap, don't used it to line your eyes.

The colors are beautiful and I think Melange might be a more glittery dupe of MAC's Gilt By Association. I don't have the eyeshadow to compare it but I think I it looks pretty darn close! Blue My Mind is GORGEOUS.

So what's bad about this eyeshadow? Both Melange and Drenched in Gold are very shimmery and glittery. Also each of these eyeshadows have fallout, I tested them out and I had color fall all over my cheeks. Using them wet obviously didn't have as much fallout.

-Inexpensive baked eyeshadow
-Using a wet brush will not ruin the eyeshadow
-Great colors

-May be too glittery for some
-Bulky packaging

Would I repurchase? Eh, only if there was a color I really wanted.


  1. My wife stays away from the glittery stuff.

    I hope you're keeping warm. We had a wind chill of zero yesterday.

  2. These look really gorgeous :D Drugstores are really stepping up their quality and coming out with more interesting products! I love shimmery golds so I might look into Drenched in Gold :) Thanks for the swatches!

  3. Great review! I will have to check these shadows out since I have gilt by association, and it's really hard to do a tutorial, when no one else really has the shadow.

  4. too bad about the fall out, i really love how nice the colors are!

  5. Lahhhhhve the look of Blue My Mind and Drenched in Gold :O


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