Review: HANA Air Premiere Hair Dryer

About 3 weeks ago, I received an email from a person named John asking me to do a review for an item from his online store, Misikko. Misikko is an online store that sells mostly hair oriented products and tools like Hair Straighteners and Hair Dryers. The product that John wanted me to review was the HANA Air Premiere Hair Dryer. I was rather flattered that he had found my blog and that he wanted me to do a review. After looking through the website and some corresponding emails, John shipped the item for me. It only took 2 days for the hair dryer to come to my house! Of course when I got the box I was a giddy little girl and I opened it right up.

Not only had John sent the HANA hair dryer, he threw in a bunch of extra goodies as well!

I received a carrying case for a flat iron, a full and travel sized version of the HANA Shine Shield Thermal Protectant Serum, a full sized bottle of the HANA Styling Iron Cleaner Spray, potpourri, a Sugar Plum body spray, hand santizers, nail files and a stuffed monkey (Mr. Monk Monk now hangs from my makeup stand.) I also received a lovely handwritten note from John. I had only expected the hair dryer, not all this wonderful extra stuff!

Ok, now on to the hair dryer. My old hair dryer is from ConAir. It's the Infiniti Pro and it claims to be salon quality but I still found that I had a ton of flyaway strands of hair and I also found the concentrator attachment not very concentrated at all. 

The HANA Air hair dryer is pretty light weight and has a 12-inch cord, which is pretty long! The settings on the HANA were definitely more complex than the ConAir hair dryer I have. This dryer has 2 fan speeds, 3 heat settings and a cold shot button as well. The handle of the dryer felt nice in my hands, it wasn't too bulky and I could still select and choose the controls easily with one hand. The black metallic finish is pretty however I hate how it gets finger prints. Finger prints on my products bug me, I have no clue why.

So the next day after I took my shower I towel dried my hair and added a small amount of the HANA hair protectant serum, concentrating mostly on the ends of my hair first and then bringing the rest of the product up the rest of my hair. The scent reminds me of a salon, which I guess is a good thing! 

The average blow drying time for my hair if I do a full blowout can take up to 45 minutes with my ConAir since my hair is pretty long. Right now it currently hits the middle of my back. I attached the included concentrator nozzle to the hair dryer and went to work. What I usually like to do is blast heat all over my hair until it's about 75 to 80 percent dry, then I section off my hair into 4 sections and use my round styling brush to blow the hair out straight. Guess how long it took me? Twenty minutes. That's half of the time! I was amazed at the difference. 

What I also like about this hair dryer is the shine it gives my hair. Every time I use this hair dyer I feel like I just left the salon. 
Here is the finished look. My hair looks super shiny and healthy. As much as I love drugstore finds, my ConAir hair dryer will now be collecting dust now that I have the HANA hair dryer!

-Sleek modern look
-Cuts drying time in half
-The concentrator nozzle has a thinner opening allowing a more powerful blast of heat to straighten hair
-Long cord for better movement
-2 year warranty
-3 heat settings and 2 fan speeds
-Quiet motor

-Expensive! Currently selling for $194.99 on the Misikko website
-Metallic finish allows for visible fingerprints
Overall Thoughts:
I am very impressed with this hair dryer. If you can afford this and wish to have a salon quality blowout every time you dry your hair, invest in this dryer, you will not be disappointed. This salon dryer is quite amazing!

****Please note that this dryer was sent to me for review. Also note that these are my honest opinions and I would never rave or talk about a product unless I felt it was the best quality. My readers deserve my honest and heartfelt opinions ^___^******


200th Post! What's In My Bag =)

I love watching videos and reading posts of the "What's In My Bag" tag. I have not yet personally gotten tagged but I figured this was a way for me to share a bit of my personality with you.

I am also super excited that this will be my 200th post! I can't believe it. I remember celebrating my 100th post way back in August! Thanks again to all of you, my blogger friends for continuing to read my little blog. I am so appreciative of you all. ./Hugs!

I didn't number the bag or think to take a picture of it. It's just a bag I purchased from Forever 21 last summer. It has three compartments making my life a bit easier since I can separate and section all the crap I have in it!

1-Gap The City flats. I carry these around with me because I have a "Just in Case" mind. One summer I was walking around the city and my flip-flops broke on me and since it was the end of August there were no flip-flops to be found, ever since then I've been paranoid. Plus these are great if you need to change out of your heels =).

2-Receipts and a coupon for a two boxes of cereal. When I took all this stuff out I realized that I desperately need to clean my bag.

3-My carry notebook. I use this to write out my thoughts or even to make lists of things I need to do or want to do. Writing in a notebook is very cathartic for me, much more so than using my phone of computer. The name on notebook, "Mnemosyne" is Greek for the goddess of Memory.
4-Gum and candy. I have Stride bubblegum flavored and a pack of Hi-Chew candy in Green Apple.

5-My makeup bag. It's a Toki Doki pouch I picked up from Sephora. I covered it with all my lipsticks though. Order from left to right: Sailor Moon mirror (I've had this since I was 10!!), CVS brand hand sanitizer, NARS Turkish Delight mini gloss, MAC PlushGlass in Bubble Tea, Smith's Rosebud Salve, Revlon Super Lustrous lipgloss in Peach Petal, MAC The Faerie Glen lipstick, MAC Angel lipstick, MUFE Pressed Powder in 203, MAC Marquise'd lipstick, MAC Viva Glam Gaga, EOS lip balm.  
6- Pens! I have two pens I stole from the Aria in my purse. It's like an OCD good luck charm. I have never used either pens.

7- Hair clips, because you never know when you need to get your hair out of your face!

8-My keys. Well I should say my keychains with my keys. If you look hard enough there is a Tuxedo Mask keychain. I found him while I was cleaning my old room at my Mom's almost a year ago. Been on there every since.

9- My wallet. I got it off of Ruelala about 3 months ago from a Hobo Bag sale. It fits everything I want and more.

10- My headphone(s). I carry two because sometimes I'll forget to bring my headphones. With the extra in my bag, I dont' have to get so agitated on the train.

11- My AE sunglasses. The best pair of sunglasses. I LOVE these. I've had them for over a year and I wish I bought another one cause the edges of the lenses have started to chip.

I hope you guys enjoyed my "What's in My Bag" post. If you haven't done one, do it and let me know! I would love to read them!

Happy Friday!


NoTD: Essie Sand Tropez

Been loving this nude griege color for Spring!! What colors have you ladies been sporting??


New Items Up For Sale!

I just added a ton of new things for sale on my blog sale website. If you have any questions, please email me first!! Happy Shopping!

Revlon ColorBurst Lipgloss in Papaya

I recently purchased another ColorBurst lipgloss, this time, I went for Papaya. It's a beautiful bright coral red that looks pretty intimidating in the tube, however when you put it on, the color is absolutely beautiful. This is great for the spring/summer when you have a nice glow. Another thing I noticed about this gloss is that the shimmers are not as noticeable or gritty compared to Hot Pink and Peony. I guess it really depends on the shades whether or not the grittiness is there.

As you can see, the color looks super orange in the tube, which can scare some people however the color is sheered out when you put it on your lips.

-Great for spring
-No grittiness
-Nice texture

-May be too sheer for some
-Price - retails at $8 and up

Repurchase: This color? Yes especially now that I know the finish is great.

Happy Monday!


MAC Quite Cute Haul

I'm back! Sorry for being away for so long, I've been busy with work, for the past few weeks and any free time I have I've been hanging out with beau, my friends or online playing WoW. Now I am back. I have posts that I've been wanting to do so I'm not out of material for the blog. I think I was just a bit burnt out a bit constantly cranking out stuff all the time.

My blog return commences with a small haul from MAC's Quite Cute Collection. I was super excited about the blushes for this line, however after hearing some not so awesome reviews from fellow bloggers and other blush lovers, I decided to pass these. I wasn't willing to pay 23 bucks for a blush that's just "OK." Looking over the line, I love the names that MAC gave each colors, it definitely adds to the cute appeal, however; why no cute packaging!? I feel that this line would have been perfect for MAC to change their packaging to add even more to the cuteness. I guess the free pins with the $75 dollar purchase is the only cute we'll get.

Speaking of cute pins, my pins didn't come with my order so I contacted MAC online to ask why, now I will have my pins by Monday! ^^ All right, enough of my babble, (I bet you guys are bored already) here is what I got.

Being the lip fanatic that I am, I was all over the lip products. I know many people don't like the Plushglasses due to the stinging and smell, however, these don't bother me at all. The smell reminds me of a very strong Carmex smell. The colors are a bit sheer but I think these would be great over a matte lipstick. The Plushglasses are suppose to plump and fill out your lip lines giving you a fuller pout, which they do so I am a very happy customer with these. My favorite has to be Bubble Tea, I adore the name and the nude color.

For lipsticks, my favorite out of the two has to be Play Time. What a beautiful color! To me, it's like an semi-iridescent purple that makes your teeth look super white. Playing Koi however, I am having a complicated love-hate relationship with. In the picture, it looks decent, however I'm not impressed with the finish. I've come to realize that out of all the lipstick finishes, satin finishes are my least favorite. This finish accentuates any flaw on your lips, and if your lips are slightly chapped, forget it. You will look like a hot mess. The color of Playing Koi I love, the finish just makes me so sad. I think I may just have to play with it a little more to figure out how to use it.
What did you guys get from this collection? Share your thoughts!


Super Woman Lippie Winner!

I am very sorry for the delay guys! But I do have a winner for this amazing little lipstick. It's a personal favorite of mine!

The Winner is............
Oh herro Kym! Congrats on winning the Marquise'd lipstick! Email me with your address and I'll send it out next week! ^^

Thank you everyone for participating in my tiny giveaway. Don't worry if you didn't win, I will be doing more in the future!

Though Donna didn't win, her answer was my favorite so I had to share with you guys her answer! Thanks for the great comment, girl!



I know it's been a while!

I will be posting the winner of my giveaway tomorrow night! Sorry for the delay

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