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I'm back! Sorry for being away for so long, I've been busy with work, for the past few weeks and any free time I have I've been hanging out with beau, my friends or online playing WoW. Now I am back. I have posts that I've been wanting to do so I'm not out of material for the blog. I think I was just a bit burnt out a bit constantly cranking out stuff all the time.

My blog return commences with a small haul from MAC's Quite Cute Collection. I was super excited about the blushes for this line, however after hearing some not so awesome reviews from fellow bloggers and other blush lovers, I decided to pass these. I wasn't willing to pay 23 bucks for a blush that's just "OK." Looking over the line, I love the names that MAC gave each colors, it definitely adds to the cute appeal, however; why no cute packaging!? I feel that this line would have been perfect for MAC to change their packaging to add even more to the cuteness. I guess the free pins with the $75 dollar purchase is the only cute we'll get.

Speaking of cute pins, my pins didn't come with my order so I contacted MAC online to ask why, now I will have my pins by Monday! ^^ All right, enough of my babble, (I bet you guys are bored already) here is what I got.

Being the lip fanatic that I am, I was all over the lip products. I know many people don't like the Plushglasses due to the stinging and smell, however, these don't bother me at all. The smell reminds me of a very strong Carmex smell. The colors are a bit sheer but I think these would be great over a matte lipstick. The Plushglasses are suppose to plump and fill out your lip lines giving you a fuller pout, which they do so I am a very happy customer with these. My favorite has to be Bubble Tea, I adore the name and the nude color.

For lipsticks, my favorite out of the two has to be Play Time. What a beautiful color! To me, it's like an semi-iridescent purple that makes your teeth look super white. Playing Koi however, I am having a complicated love-hate relationship with. In the picture, it looks decent, however I'm not impressed with the finish. I've come to realize that out of all the lipstick finishes, satin finishes are my least favorite. This finish accentuates any flaw on your lips, and if your lips are slightly chapped, forget it. You will look like a hot mess. The color of Playing Koi I love, the finish just makes me so sad. I think I may just have to play with it a little more to figure out how to use it.
What did you guys get from this collection? Share your thoughts!


  1. I was not feeling the color of playing koi. It looked paste like on my lips- a definite no for me. It's funny you mentioned the plushglass smells like carmex- I hate carmex too haha! I'm trying to be "over" Mac lippies as I have quite a few and they don't get enough love. Wish they could just bring back way to love or something very similar dang it! Glad you're back! I try to time my post every few days or longer even if they are done so I don't get burned out. Keep it up! :)

  2. LOL, never bored--it's so nice to see you posting!

    Just based on the photo, I would cast my vote for Play Time. I really like the smell of Carmex, so if my wife tried these I may find myself smiling and not being 100% sure why. =)

  3. Yay! your back with some good haul! I remeber you asking me if I picked anything from the Mac quite cute collection, sadly I didnt! I agree with you bubble tea looks so nude and it is a great colour! I was going to get these, but I had these plushglasses in the past and it was too sticky for me. Im glad you got the lipsticks hun, pink lipsticks really suit you! :)

  4. hi babe!!! i miss u so much! bubble tea looks fab! playing koi looks beautiful on ya but im sure it doesnt suit me at all. I stopped buying LE stuff from MAC, or at least I havent purchased one in awhile.colors are fab tho!i dont know if i should get more MAC lippie (I just discarded a couple..spring cleaning huhuhu)..have the strong urge to get some but Im trying to be really practical (which sucks balls lol >_<) anyway great haul hun!

  5. DAMN WOMAN, about time lol. Glad to see you post again. YAY for picking up the quite cute collection. Love your pick ups, I would've got the plushglasses if I weren't trying to keep myself on a budget. Oh the playing koi kinda reminds me of the lady gaga II so I didn't pick it up..I got the Candy Yum Yum lipstick and love it. I went back to get a back up and it was sold out along with all the other lip colors...gosh darn it!


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