Super Woman Lippie Winner!

I am very sorry for the delay guys! But I do have a winner for this amazing little lipstick. It's a personal favorite of mine!

The Winner is............
Oh herro Kym! Congrats on winning the Marquise'd lipstick! Email me with your address and I'll send it out next week! ^^

Thank you everyone for participating in my tiny giveaway. Don't worry if you didn't win, I will be doing more in the future!

Though Donna didn't win, her answer was my favorite so I had to share with you guys her answer! Thanks for the great comment, girl!


  1. Congrats to the winner!

    Donna's reply made me lol xD

  2. EEEEEEEK! *rubs eyes* Is it really MOI????? YAYY!!!!

  3. Yay Kym!!!

    Because Aquaman lives in the ocean and spends a lot of time under intense pressure, he weighs a crazy amount--like 3,000 pounds or something like that. Haha, my nerd moment of the week.

    I've been good, really busy at work, but maybe the government will actually shutdown this time and I'll get a few days off. =)

  4. I got irrationaly excited right now. I actually stopped my entire office and made them listen to me read this entire blog post off. :) yay for Aquaman!

  5. congrats to the winner.

    I found your blog through rhaindropz.
    by the way, I'm a new follower, I hope you follow me back.

  6. awwww! its nice to hear from you again, its been a very long time. I was going to DM you on twitter but my twitter is down for some reason! >:( i hope your well hun. theres alot of rave on atin taupe so ima give it a go to see how nice it is haha :D <3


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