I Wish I Was...

As I am approaching my 26th birthday (less than a month away, *GASP!*) I was reflecting to myself today and thinking of how I've grown as a woman. I'm sure I will ramble now, so try to stick with me =).

Ten years ago, I was 15, a junior in high school. I had just come to grasp with the fact I was actually cute to the opposite sex. I no longer had my braces, my hair grew out and above it all I had a boyfriend. Yet I still wished to be someone else, cause there was always someone more popular, better, prettier, the list could go on. I judged my happiness on the amount of friends I had rather than the quality.

Fast forward to five years later, I was 20. I was still finding myself in college, realizing that friendships made in high school were not always meant to be forever and realizing that the world wasn't as black and white as it appeared to be. I was still unsure of myself, self-conscious and carried doubt with me wherever I went regardless of how many people told me how special I was.

Now I am 25 and as I reflected today, I no longer wanted to be someone else. In fact, I was happy with the way I looked, happy with my personality. HAPPY with my whole being. Perhaps this was a quarter of century epiphany, who knows, but I was relieved that I no longer wished to be someone prettier or hotter or whatever adjective you want to insert. That doesn't mean I don't want to better myself or improve myself, it just means that I'm finally comfortable in my own skin.

OK, so you're probably asking, what is the point of this whole post? The point is, many of us wish we were someone else. We spend so much wishing to be someone else that we never realize just how awesome we truly are. Each one of you is awesome! Never ever forget that, and don't ever listen to the people who tell you otherwise. The important people will love and appreciate you through every hardship in your life.

So if you're having a bad day and everything in your life is going wrong, don't fret, remember things get better regardless whether you believe it or not.


Loafer Season

Can't for it to stop raining so I can wear these!

Happy Friday!



I Moustache You a Question

Hahaha, OK, I'm technically not saving it for later. It is quite obvious that I've made some changes to my blogger. So I "Moustache" what do you think? 

Hello World and my lovely blogger friends! 
I hope you all have been well. I know it seems that I have taken a hiatus, I apologize. Lately I haven't felt like blogging to be honest. I wake up in the mornings, get ready for work and then when I'm on my computer, I read all the blogs that I'm following and comment on quite a few of them, some I just lurk and read. Hopefully soon I will get back to this more frequently. I'm very sure my motivation to begin blogging will happen soon.

Until then, as Tigger would say, "Ta Ta for now!"


Nerdy Chic FoTD

So silly me waiting till I was on my last pair of contacts to get my butt moving to call an eye doctor. Too bad all my local optometrists aren't open on the weekend! Until I get an appointment and to avoid the horrid burning sensation my old contacts are giving me, I will stick to my glasses. 

What I Used:
-Laura Mercier Tinted foundation in Nude
-Maybelline Mineral Power concealer in Cream
-MAC Studio Fix powder in NC40
-MAC Careblend powder in Gold-Go-Lightly
-MAC Equilibrium blush
-NYX Peaches blush

-NYX automatic brow pencil in Charcoal and Medium Brown
-UD Naked palette: Virgin, Half-baked and Dark Horse
-Inglot Matte gel eyeliner in Black
-Milani Liquif'eye eyeliner in Brown
-L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes waterproof mascara

-MAC Angel lipstick
-Inglot Sleek Cream gloss in 89

Glasses are by a Japanese company named Suki


A Day In Pictures

Spent the day out in the city to celebrate Beau's birthday. We love history so we went to the Museum of Natural History then ate dinner at the Ember Room (food was all right, the Cucumber Sanita I want to say it's called is A-MAZING! I had 3 which is rare for me) and finally to close the day we went to see Million Dollar Quartet. Fun day, exhausting day. 

Hope you're all well. <3 Happy Labor Day weekend!
There was a man on a flying carpet in one of the displays...

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