Hits and Misses of July

So I decided to be different and make a video of my hits and misses! Enjoy guys

Products I'm Wearing:
Revlon PhotoReady Foundation in 004 Nude & 005 Natural Beige
Cargo Blu-Ray Hi Definition Pressed Powder in 20
Maybelline Mousse Blush in 25 Rose Petal
R&R Contrived Blush in Bedroom

Mac Gold Mode Pigment
Sephora Liquid Eyeliner
Maybelline Colossal Volume Express Mascara

Mac Lipglass in Frankly Fresh


New Items on Sale!

I just wanted to drop a line on my main blog to let all you lovely people know that I put more things up for sale!



Boy you've got to prove your love to meeeeeee, yeah

Haha here is the long awaited In the Groove haul! Pictures and swatches galore. I was only interested in the MSF's and the lipsticks. I didn't care too much for the eyeshadows or blushes, I just felt like it had been stuff I had already seen or have. The cremesheens were tempting but again I wasn't like OMG I MUST HAVE. Anyway on to the pictures!
So you're all probably wondering how I got the coveted Stereo Rose. Well it was sold out on the MAC site and I was disappointed but I had waited a few hours for Nordstorm to post what they had of the collection and Stereo Rose was still available! (It's not available anymore though T_T)
HoHo says "Hi!" in the background!
Petticoat is GORGEOUS! I really love the finish and veining of the one I got
This is with the flash
This is without. It's so pretty.
Now onto Stereo Rose
This is also a gorgeous MSF. No wonder why it's so hyped...but I can't see how some people want to pay ridiculous prices for it. It's a very nice coral blush that can be duped. I have heard that DuWop's "Pomegranate" is very close. The veining on this isn't as detailed as the Petticoat MSF but still very beautiful. Both of these give a nice sheen on your face and both are pretty pigmented so use a light hand! I don't have any swatches of these just because my camera was not cooperating with today to give you a clear picture of my arm. I got fed up and moved on haha.

So on to the lipsticks. Out of all the finishes I think I like Lustres from MAC the best but these Cremesheen finishes are pretty nice too.
"I Like It Like That" looks different because I had used it already =)
Here are the lip swatches:
"I Like It Like That"
"Go For It"

And because many people were saying how Jazz and Ever Hip were almost the same, I took pictures of both the lipstick and lip swatches to show all of you. To tell you the truth, it's pretty darn close
Ever Hip looks a little more Coral and deeper but on my lips they both look almost the same
Here is Jazzed:
Here is Ever Hip:
See they almost look the same so if you missed out on Jazzed but have Ever Hip, you aren't missing much! Hope you liked the haul! What did you guys get from the collection if anything? Or are you waiting for a different collection?
By the way, I got my hair done. I no longer look like a flame!

'Scuse the chubby cheeks (  ^___^  )


Classic Beauty

As a very early birthday gift, my fiancĂ©'s father gave me the Sony eReader and I was so excited to use it. I had used John's Nook and fell in love with it because of the simplicity and the convenience of it so when his Dad gave the Sony eReader to me I was super happy. Now the task at hand was what book to pick because it's expensive! I'm super picky about what books I read because to be honest, I get bored easily. I finally decided, after much searching, to purchase this book:
I had originally wanted get her biography BUT according to the reviews and other articles, a lot of the facts and stories were fabricated and very untrue. I wanted to know the real stories behind this classic icon. I'm about halfway through the book now and to be honest, Marilyn Monroe's (Norma Jeane Mortensen Baker's) life was not very glamorous at all. Her troubles started since she was born and just continued to work against her till the day she died. I'm sure a lot of people knew that Marilyn had her problems, but the author goes into great detail. I feel as if it's a fiction book even though it's not. Sad and tragic. I could probably go on and on about her life, but this isn't what this entry is about. It's about my current obsession with her beauty and makeup secrets!
 Regardless of her troubles and issues in her personal life, one thing was certain: she always looked amazing! The author constantly inserts people's reaction when they saw MM and how each thought she was stunning. This made me want to go and find out her secrets because deep down inside I wanna look as gorgeous and timeless as Marilyn!
I found out lots of her secrets and the products that she used, and many people don't know that she used to do her own makeup (though she did have her own personal makeup artist, Allan "Whitey" Snyder.) By doing her own makeup Marilyn knew just how enhance her best features on her face.  Her favorite brands were Erno Laszlo, Elizabeth Arden, and Max Factor, all brands that can still be found today! To keep her skin flawless she always used some sort of protector on her face. There have been reports that she even used Olive Oil! An easier and more pleasant smelling alternative that she used was Nivea Cream in the Tin Can. Not the one in the plastic tub...for some strange reason the one in the tin is better?

People have also said that she used to rinse her face 15 times with cold water to close her pores. I don't know how true that is though. When it came to prepping her face MM's routine was pretty straightforward: moisturize, foundation, concealer, translucent powder, and matte blush. She also had a technique to make her nose smaller using blush and vaseline. The process would be to powder the tip of her nose and dab vaseline on it repeating the process until she achieved a pixie shape nose to her liking.

Her technique to make her eyes pop was quite simple too, in fact it's so simple I think anyone can do it. 
Here's a run down:
1-She used a white shimmery shade stick all over the lid to the inner tear duct to her brow bone. (If you find that cream shadows crease or you just don't have any shimmery white bases just use a pearly white powder shadow. I really recommend Phloof!, Naked Pigment, or Vanilla Pigment by MAC)
2-She would then use a warm brown, a silvery blue, or even green to the outer part of her crease.
3-For her eyeliner, she would use liquid or fluid liner and line her eyes with the end sweeping out but not connecting the top and bottom. She would do a very narrow line on the top lashline and then the bottom. There have been also tips that have said she would do somewhat of a trapezoid shape to make her eyes appear larger. It is said that she rarely used black and used mostly brown/dark brown.
4-She would then use a white kohl liner and line her bottom lashline giving her a more wide eyed appearance.
5-Marilyn always used falsies, but instead of using the entire strip, she would cut them in half and only use half of it on the outer corner of her eye to give a more wide eyed look and fanned out appearance. Of course she curled her lashes and added mascara!

Here is a video to help you get started! I absolutely adored Kandee's video and interpretation:

Don't worry I didn't forget to talk about her lips! You would think that the lips would be the easiest right? Nope! This girl was not a swipe on and go gal. Infact she layered five different shades of red to achieve the shade that she wanted. FIVE! This is why just one shade of red just won't do. With her lips, there is a certain bout of depth of colors. Basically what she did was the same we do to our eyes. Adding different colors creates different kinds of dimension and depth. With her lips she used several different shades of red, each precisely applied with a lip brush to get her desired color.

How to get Marilyn's Lips
1-She would use a red liner and go out of her natural lip line to create a fuller pout.
2-Then she would apply three layers of different shades of red. (Her choices were Guerlain, Elizabeth Arden, and Max Factor)
3-Now the next step is important. In order to make her lips look more plump and full, she would apply her darker shades of lipstick on the outside and the lightest on the inner part of her lip. This added the dimension that she wanted.
4-She used a white highlighter on just the middle of her pout.
5-Gloss was her final step. (Though I have read that she would layer the gloss in her process as well. It would come out to be something like: liner, lipstick, gloss, shadow, more lipstick, highlight and gloss. That's a ton of work!)

I'm sure that there are a ton of other secrets that haven't been shared with us but the ones I shared with you I think are pretty nifty. She went with the basic things that flattered everyone. If you try this and it doesn't come out as wondrous as MM, remember it's all trial and error. Just because it worked for her doesn't mean it will completely work for you. Tweak the process to make it your own and shine! Hope you guys liked my little makeup article. Hopefully I will do more soon.


A Piece of Me (July 2010)

I know this is late,  but I was away for the weekend and totally forgot to do it on Friday night!

This Month

I Like: My tan! And running around sans make-up cause of it! ^___^

I don't like: The peeling that comes with my tan and the fact that my hair still looks like it's an orange flame

I want you to know: that even though I may not comment sometimes, I read all the posts on my feed and love reading each and every one!

I've planned: to continue working towards my fitness goal and trying not to fall off so damn much especially when it comes to delicious NOMS!

I want to say to someone special: ^_____^

Hope everyone enjoyed their fourth of July weekend! Talk soon!


June Favorites/Happy July!

Happy July!

June has sure flown by fast. I can't believe that we are already over two weeks into the "official" summer. But like they say, time flies when you're having fun so I guess it's a good thing ^^.

So here are this months favorites. It's not much just because it's been really hot and I haven't been wearing too much makeup. I've been taking a minimalist approach and to be honest, it's a nice change. The indecisive Libra in me doesn't have to agonize which eyeshadow combination to put together for the look. So here are my faves:

1-Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets: Are essential for me. Especially when it's muggy, my face needs these blue sheets to banish that shiny gleam on my forehead haha

2-Lorac Front of The Line Waterproof Eyeliner: this has been my go to liner for the month. It has a felt tip and creates the perfect wing for me. The plus for this? No smudging at all! The only bad thing I will have to say is that after a while the tip does dry out. I have to apply pressure to blot more of the color out. I got this off the Lorac site for super cheap. I don't know if I could pay full price for it now after it runs out.

3-NARS Laguna Bronzer: Instead of using blush and bronzer I've just been using this. It sculpts my cheekbones and gives me an even nicer glow compared to the tan i've been getting ^^

4-MAC MSF in Medium Plus: Don't be fooled by the compact. I just switched them because I love the orange from the To the Beach collection. Perfect setting powder for me. It doesn't feel heavy and doesn't break me out.

5-MAC To The Beach Eyeshadow in Sweet and Punchy: This color is so pretty! So summery and great. I usually like neutral colors but I absolutely love this color. Paired with a matte brown or grey, it lights up your eyes so much.

6-MAC To the Beach Lipstick in Lazy Day and Beachbound: Lazy Day is a lustre and is blue pink color that is simple and wearable everyday. Beachbound is a glaze that leave a shimmery peach glow on your lips. It's like a highlighter. Both are beautiful.

So those are my favorites. I hope everyone has a great July the 4th weekend! I celebrated early and tried to create a look using red, white and blue. Of course I wouldn't wear this out. But it was fun to experiment ^___^

I feel like all I need to do is pop in some circle lenses and I'll be good to go in an anime haha

Take Care Guys!

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