Review and Swatches: Cover Girl Lip Perfection Lipsticks

Ok so I totally did not post yesterday like I promised. Bad Steph! Today's review is going to be on Cover Girl's newest lipsticks, called the Lip Perfection lipstick. To be honest I'm not a big fan of Cover Girl, I have maybe two eyeshadows and their Lash Blast but that's about it. Every time I used to try their lipsticks, it never worked, however I've read pretty decent reviews about this on MUA and also have heard some raves about these lipsticks on YouTube.

The CVS by me I've come to realize has some random sales. This week was a BoGo on the lippies which I  found odd considering these are relatively new. I didn't complain and snatch up 6. Yes, I'm crazy but I couldn't decide between the colors. I picked two from pink, purple, and nude lines.

(From Left to Right) Enchantress, Temptress, Rapture, Delish, Embrace, Divine

I have tested these colors out and found myself to be pleasantly surprised. They apply easily and stay creamy. There is a candy scent to it which I like. It's pretty faint so unless you dig your nose into the lipstick you won't really smell it. The lipstick claims to recondition and moisturize your lips. It has so far lived up to the claims. My lips are smooth and supple since I've been wearing it. Another surprise is the staying power of these lipsticks. I tried Embrace the first day I purchased these and it lasted uhhh....all day. It also stained my lips. The color didn't wear off until the following evening. So if you don't like having stained lips I would avoid the reds and the darker colors from this line.

The packaging is sleek and very modern looking. No old-lady packaging here! The colors are true to the swatch on the bottom so you don't have to worry if that is the shade you are going to get. The only problem is that some colors may be more sheer than others. For instance Enchantress is more sheer than Delish, but it's nothing a few more coats won't solve.
My favorites from the line are Enchantress (what I wish Pink Friday was), Temptress, Delish, and Divine. Divine is actually a close dupe for MAC's Up the Amp. It's a tad pinker than Up the Amp but it's pretty close. 

-Smoothes lips
-Long lasting
-Pleasant scent

-Darker colors stain lips for days
-Some colors are more sheer.


  1. OMG GIRLLL, you are killing me. All of them colors look good on you! I am so wanting these lippies! I don't have a CVS nearby for bogo..its always bogo 1/2 off. I will patiently wait..hah. anyway, i'm very interested in temptress, how would you describe that color?

  2. That sort of looks like a crayola assortment. LOL! My wife uses CG, I want to say Crystal Ice pink, but I'm not sure of the name.

    You make it looke like there are no bad choices. =)

  3. PS - About that couple, yeah, I think they would have annoyed me no matter what state I was in. It was really odd to see that with the girl holding a baby on her lap.

  4. These better be out in Australia soon! I need to get Rapture, Delish, Embrace and Divine. ESPECIALLY Divine, I'm obsessed with purple lips lately :3

  5. I agree, Enchantress looks like a nice color, it's more subtle than Divine, though both are great and for different occasions!

  6. I almost bought a few of these the other day. I have so many lipsticks that I couldn't figure out what color I should get! lol! But now I'm thinking I might pick up Temptress and Delish. They're gorgeous! Great swatches! :)


  7. I think I want them all :O Gorgeouss lips by the way! x

  8. I gave in and bought 3 of them... but at Walmart! Buy it there, it's so much cheaper even with the BOGO half off at CVS!

    I did swatch one of the red ones and it totally stained like crazy! -_-

    I love Delish though... I'm sooo tempted to get Enchantress, Temptress & Divine!


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