January Hits

I know this is super late, but I wanted to post this anyway! I hope you guys enjoy. Talk to you all soon <3

Products mentioned:
L'egere BB cream
Sigma Sigmax Brushes
MAC e/s Tweet Me and Noir Plum
Rock & Republic Diffused
NARS Galapagos e/s
Maybelline Pulse Perfect Mascara waterproof
MAC Kissable Lipcolors Scandelicious and Flaunting it
MAC Marquise'd lipstick


  1. Oh no, something is wrong with the sound on my computer!!! :( I'll have to try again tomorrow on a different PC.

    I'm glad you entered, your comments always make my day! =)

  2. Great vid!
    It would be nice if you could list the products though...

  3. I get the sound today! I was going to ask if make-up brushes need to be cleaned, like paint brushes, but you answered that almost as soon as I thought it. Perfect timing. =)

    You always radiate a great attitude/energy in your videos and written posts and comments. You always make me =). Thanks!


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