Tarte Natural Lip Stain Review

I've had this "lip stain" for over a month now and I have some mixed feelings about it. When I first purchased it, I loved it. I thought it gave me a great pop of color and the tingly minty scent and flavor were an added bonus. However the more I used it, the more I felt indifferent. Why do I feel indifferent? Well, I don't think it's that great of a lip stain. It applies like a balm and feels like one. That means that this "stain" only stains your lips after the sheen as worn off. It leaves a nice color on your lips after but if I wanted to wipe most of the product away to get that stained effect I could do so with a colored lipstick. So this is why I'm a little iffy about the Tarte Natural Lip Stain.

What I do love is the color and the minty taste as I mentioned above. I also think the packaging is quite adorable. It's a twist pen which means you do not have to sharpen it or lose any product. I don't think I would have spent the money if it were a jumbo pencil that I had to sharpen. Sephora retails this for $24 USD. Do I really think it's worth it, to be honest no.

-Glides on smoothly
-Feels like a lip balm
-Twist pen
-Cute packaging

-Expensive for 3 g/0.10 ounces
-Product needs to wear off in order for the stain to happen
-Can sometimes make my lips peep

Would I repurchase: No

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone! It's a silly holiday but nonetheless spending it with someone you care about is pretty darn nice. My beau tells me everyday that he loves me though, and I wouldn't have it any other way ^^.
Us and our matching outfits <3


  1. Agreed! Valentines Day is overrated but you and your hubs are such a cute couple, especially with that matching blues..i love it love it!!! =]

    P.S. That lipstain's color looks pretty but that sucks that it doesn't wear off for the stain to kick in...

  2. awwww I love this pic! Look at your matching outfit! hehehe!! I hope you had a nice valentine day hun! Im sure you did :) And thank you so much taking up the survey! it will help me so much! :D
    Aw I miss u too hun! Sorry i havent been messagin u as much and updating my blog, been hella busy! only got less than 4 months and im outter uni! hehe... I hope your okay thou!!! :D XXXX

  3. Wait, something weird is going on. I read this post before and was sure I commented--asking how the beau liked the minty scent and saying I was glad you two had a nice V-Day. Hmmm...maybe I'm blogging too late and messing up the verification word???

    Anyway, it's great to see such a happy couple who know how to treat each other every day.

    Belated Happy Valentine's Day my friend. =)

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