MAC Wonder Woman Preview Part 1

I'm gonna keep you guys on the edge of your seat for the swatches and photos of what I got. Muahaha. Part 1 is gonna be some pictures I took of the event and just my overall experience of it.

I first received my MAC invite to the Wonder Woman preview about two weeks ago. Of course I called the next day to RSVP and told my best friend that she needed to save the date so we could go together.

I almost didn't make it to the MAC preview because of the horrid weather we've been having. I prayed to God and His makeup angels to have the weather be decent enough for me to go and my prayers were answered! I ran off to the city in the afternoon to meet up with her.
I RSVPed to show up at 7:30...I should've just said 7 because we walked by the place at 6:50 and there was no one there, when we came back it was SWAMPED. The store was locked and I got a red smiley face to show that I "checked-in." It was a really unique experience, they had these buff male models in tight black Wonder Women shirts serving drinks and cookies.The drinks were terrible! Haha, it was some sort of ginger mint Mojito concoction of a mess. The cookies were good though.

The MUA were all scattered about applying the makeup on to other lovely ladies but I took my request card and jotted all the things I wanted. My lovely friend also picked a couple of things as well.
Would I do it again? Only for a collection I'm super excited about like this one and also when it's warmer.

Me and my BFF


  1. Wonder Woman + MAC...that's a great idea! I think even a guy could have a fun time at that event.

    I really glad the weather gave you a break. I enjoy winter and usually hope the Groundhog predicts a long one, but not this year. I'm ready for spring.

  2. sounds fun!!! lol makeup angels. i never been to a MAC event before, im hoping one day i get into one and enjoy all those shabang goodness! cant wait for what you got and the swatches yaaay!

  3. your so pretty and also you look make up artist...


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