NoTD: Electric Planks

I've always loved purple and yellow together. I decided to play around and see what the two would look like on my nails.

I rather like it.

Ignore the air bubbles on my thumb nail. My Seche Vite tope coat decided to get really goopy and gross on me. Any of my readers ever come across this issue? If so, how did you fix it? I have half a bottle left and I don't want to throw it out.

What I Used:
-OPI Planks a Lot
-Revlon Top Speed in Electric
-Seche Vite top coat


I Got My Hair Did

After much debate and opinion asking, I decided to change my hair. At first, I thought about chopping it all off, but that would be too extreme and I remembered the agonizing time it took for my hair to grow back. So I axed that idea. Then I thought about doing the whole ombre look. I read a ton of opinions and blogs about it. Comments ranged from, "I love it!" to "You're just lazy."

I have to admit, I am damn lazy and getting your hair done every month or so can get really expensive. I thought the look would be perfect. Also my salon advertised that they did the ombre effect so I wasn't hesitant to get it done there.

Here is what I originally wanted to go for:
I really wanted to get back to my natural hair color. Something I hadn't seen since...oh I dunno 7 years ago when I first decided to dye my hair all different shades and colors. I thought this was subtle but still unique and different. Plus her prettiness helps.

So to show you the different in hair color, I'll post what used to be my hair first:

It was an auburn color, with blonde highlights growing out. If you look closely about an inch of my roots is showing.

Here is me saying "Bye" to my old hair at the salon:

After 2 hours and the wonderful magic of my stylist, this was the outcome (lots of pictures coming haha):


We ended up just highlighting the bottom. I think next time I may want it a little lighter. So I'm back to my natural hair color and it's a nice change. I forgot how nice it originally was.

I also put in some feather extensions as well. To add some flair and fun. I love that I will be able to curl and straighten it no problem.
So, let me hear it, do you like it? Love it? Hate it?


Review: Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow in Birthday Suit

Since the weather has been getting warmer, I've been looking for makeup that is smudge proof and also easier to apply. As avid of a MAC fan I am, I still haven't invested in their paint pots yet. However I did recently purchase Benefits creaseless cream shadow. After testing it out, there are some hits and misses for this.
This cream shadow is easy to apply and comes in a jar form that is similar to the MAC paint pots. Packaged in a cute black box, the retail price is $19 USD. Since I picked up a light neutral shade, this is in the Lana line. You also get a cute saying from Lana on the back of her picture.

Since the product is in a jar, it is recommended to keep the lid tight when not in use to keep the product from drying out. I have a feeling that this will dry out way before I will be able to finish it. I do wish more cream products came with a pump so you wouldn't have to worry about germs and wasting product.

As for the product being creaseless, to me it's not. However, I do have to say that lately, nothing is creaseless on me, including my UDPP in Eden. I always find my shadows creasing as of late, which is a seriously annoyance. This would probably work for people who have slightly oily lids, for those ladies with really oily lids, I would recommend putting a primer on before applying this.

I usually wear this when I'm going out to work and I don't have time to be creative with my shadows. I slap this on and blend it, having it fade out towards the brow bone, wing out some black eyeliner and mascara. It's a perfect neutral look that looks professional without looking too done up.

-Great neutral color
-Can be used as primer or base for slightly oily to dry lids
-Easy to use
-Smudge proof

-In a jar
-Can crease on oilier lids
-May be too shimmery for some

No, since I doubt I will even finish this one before it dries out.


NoTD: Blasted

I had scoured a bunch of stores to look for the OPI silver crackle polish but it was sold out everywhere. The same day, I walked into Sephora and was greeted by their Sephora by OPI crackle line, "Blasted." I picked up the gold and the silver and skipped the black. I would figure the formula is the same as the original OPI shatter polish.

I have to admit, this is probably one of my favorite combos.

Products Used:
-OPI Lincoln Park After Dark
-OPI Silver Blasted crackle polish
-Seche Vite topcoat

Have you guys tried Sephora by OPI Blasted polishes?


Changing a Life

I'm a little late in posting this, however I still wanted to get the message out. Unlike my usual posts of cosmetics, daily ramblings or food, this post is about helping a child.

The Fresh Air Fund, is a two week program that enables children who come from low-income families in New York to stay with a host family in a suburban or country. Basically the program gives a child a different side of summer. He or she will be able to witness and experience activities that may not be possible in a crowded city. Since 1877, this program has been a source of free summer vacations for over a million New York City children.

Now, if you dont' know anyone who can be a host family to a child, you can donate to the Fresh Air Fund website directly to help a child and future host families. Head here to learn more details. Or if you don't have the money to donate right now, spread the word about this program. 

Have a great Thursday!!

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