I Got My Hair Did

After much debate and opinion asking, I decided to change my hair. At first, I thought about chopping it all off, but that would be too extreme and I remembered the agonizing time it took for my hair to grow back. So I axed that idea. Then I thought about doing the whole ombre look. I read a ton of opinions and blogs about it. Comments ranged from, "I love it!" to "You're just lazy."

I have to admit, I am damn lazy and getting your hair done every month or so can get really expensive. I thought the look would be perfect. Also my salon advertised that they did the ombre effect so I wasn't hesitant to get it done there.

Here is what I originally wanted to go for:
I really wanted to get back to my natural hair color. Something I hadn't seen since...oh I dunno 7 years ago when I first decided to dye my hair all different shades and colors. I thought this was subtle but still unique and different. Plus her prettiness helps.

So to show you the different in hair color, I'll post what used to be my hair first:

It was an auburn color, with blonde highlights growing out. If you look closely about an inch of my roots is showing.

Here is me saying "Bye" to my old hair at the salon:

After 2 hours and the wonderful magic of my stylist, this was the outcome (lots of pictures coming haha):


We ended up just highlighting the bottom. I think next time I may want it a little lighter. So I'm back to my natural hair color and it's a nice change. I forgot how nice it originally was.

I also put in some feather extensions as well. To add some flair and fun. I love that I will be able to curl and straighten it no problem.
So, let me hear it, do you like it? Love it? Hate it?


  1. ilove it hun!!! it was so sexy!!!

  2. I like it darker! and the feathers rock!

  3. I love it. I think it looks great. The feather extensions look really pretty. :)

  4. Your hair looks fantastic. Very hot. :)

  5. Love it--and the playful 4th picture from the bottom is too, too charming. Hello new hair! =)

  6. Ah, love it!!!! I've been itching to do something with my hair since it's getting pretty long and...I've been having the same "style" since forever. heh. But def. loving the new do!

  7. I love your fringe! Fringe is always nice with choppy layers! jeez I am due for a hair cut! its soooo long and its getting ridiculous :( I hope you well babe! Missed you too!!! xxxx

  8. i love your new hair!
    i actually plan to dye my hair in a few weeks time,almost like your new hair color!:)

  9. Just stopping by to say hi! Hope you're taking care of yourself.

  10. I like your new hair a lot, it looks nice and very summer appropriate :D

  11. This is super cute! I love it! :)

  12. Your new hair is fantastic! Almost identical to the picture you went for. I love how long and sultry your hair looks, very healthy :D


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