Review: Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow in Birthday Suit

Since the weather has been getting warmer, I've been looking for makeup that is smudge proof and also easier to apply. As avid of a MAC fan I am, I still haven't invested in their paint pots yet. However I did recently purchase Benefits creaseless cream shadow. After testing it out, there are some hits and misses for this.
This cream shadow is easy to apply and comes in a jar form that is similar to the MAC paint pots. Packaged in a cute black box, the retail price is $19 USD. Since I picked up a light neutral shade, this is in the Lana line. You also get a cute saying from Lana on the back of her picture.

Since the product is in a jar, it is recommended to keep the lid tight when not in use to keep the product from drying out. I have a feeling that this will dry out way before I will be able to finish it. I do wish more cream products came with a pump so you wouldn't have to worry about germs and wasting product.

As for the product being creaseless, to me it's not. However, I do have to say that lately, nothing is creaseless on me, including my UDPP in Eden. I always find my shadows creasing as of late, which is a seriously annoyance. This would probably work for people who have slightly oily lids, for those ladies with really oily lids, I would recommend putting a primer on before applying this.

I usually wear this when I'm going out to work and I don't have time to be creative with my shadows. I slap this on and blend it, having it fade out towards the brow bone, wing out some black eyeliner and mascara. It's a perfect neutral look that looks professional without looking too done up.

-Great neutral color
-Can be used as primer or base for slightly oily to dry lids
-Easy to use
-Smudge proof

-In a jar
-Can crease on oilier lids
-May be too shimmery for some

No, since I doubt I will even finish this one before it dries out.


  1. Its such a pretty taupe color!

  2. Birthday suit is a great name for a beige product. About those other ladies, I would just assume they're reacting to the 3rd of the 3 roles listed in your profile--and smile about it.

    Sorry about the misleading title. It was either that or "slip sliding". =)

  3. i love this product, and love ur blog , noe follwoing, and would love for u to join my page http://britters89.blogspot.com/

  4. OWWW this is gorgeous! : D I'm not a fan of cream products, but the color looks really nice!

    I am SOOOOOOOOOOO accident prone and clumsy -__-" You have no idea.. it's like.. seriously? *kicks self* Anyway, the burn is healing up nicely now. But I reckon the tiny wound will leave a scar, cause I keep picking it. Yes, I'm gross like that >_<"

    I already swatched the palette and it's freaking AWESOME! : D

  5. great review! Even though I'm not into glittery things... i think I may try this out.



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