Changing a Life

I'm a little late in posting this, however I still wanted to get the message out. Unlike my usual posts of cosmetics, daily ramblings or food, this post is about helping a child.

The Fresh Air Fund, is a two week program that enables children who come from low-income families in New York to stay with a host family in a suburban or country. Basically the program gives a child a different side of summer. He or she will be able to witness and experience activities that may not be possible in a crowded city. Since 1877, this program has been a source of free summer vacations for over a million New York City children.

Now, if you dont' know anyone who can be a host family to a child, you can donate to the Fresh Air Fund website directly to help a child and future host families. Head here to learn more details. Or if you don't have the money to donate right now, spread the word about this program. 

Have a great Thursday!!


  1. Thanks for sharing this, it's a great charity. I don't know a host family off-hand, but I'll donate and check for possible hosts.

    I can't imagine what my childhood would have been like if I couldn't walk through the woods, climb trees, experience nature.

  2. that sounds really fun and a great charity. When I was in Cambodia I gave some money to the moms with kids and old people on the streets, hey whatever helps right? :D


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