Dupe Alert: Match For MAC Viva Glam V Lipstick

One of my favorite MAC lipsticks has to be Viva Glam V. It has a lustre finish and is a neutral pink will a pearly sheen to it. It's a great everyday color that is a perfect MLBB lipstick. This is actually the first MAC lippie that I ever purchased! MAC's Viva Glam line donates every cent of each purchase to the MAC Aids Fund to help men, women, and children who suffer from the disease.

Now as much as I love MAC's purpose with Viva Glam I also understand that many people cannot afford to purchase department store lipsticks due to their financial situation. I will say that if you do have that extra bit of money and do love the color of the Viva Glam line please purchase from your local MAC store or counter to help those in need!

For those who are looking for a very similar shade to MAC Viva Glam V, you are in luck. Maybelline has a shade in their ColorSensational line that is quite similar. Nearly There and Viva Glam V look almost identical on my lips and my hand. Nearly There has more of a red undertone compared to Viva Glam V's pink undertone. Both have a nice pearly sheen and are great for an everyday neutral look. It's not an exact match but it's pretty darn close! If you are pinching your pennies, purchasing the Maybelline ColorSensational lippie in Nearly There is a great option. Be on the lookout for the BoGo sales!


  1. Nice find! They're both great colors for everyday. :)

  2. Viva Glam V is my first MAC lippie as well! They do look really close, Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Kudos to your model!

    Did you get snowed in at the start of the week? We had just enough to be annoying, but no real problems. Hope all is well! =)


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