MAC Pink Friday Lipstick Designed By Nicki Minaj

I got my hands on it! This lipstick, a product of MAC's collaboration with Nicki Minaj has created a frenzy in the makeup world. Even people who don't know who Nicki Minaj is have been wanting this lipstick because of how exclusive it is. Starting from November 26, 2010 Pink Friday will be available every Friday until December 17, 2010. Could you get any more limited edition than that?

I stayed up last Thursday night to order the lipstick. MAC's page at midnight was ridiculously slow due to the high traffic and I was doubtful that I would snag one. Thank goodness I got it though!

The lipstick is a beautiful color in the tube, a bright Barbie Pink. It's a satin finish meaning it comes off semi-matte. 

What do I think of it? I think if you have Pink Noveau or Snob or even Viva Glam Gaga you might be all right not purchasing this lipstick. I am a fan of Nicki's fashion and music so that's my reasoning for wanting to get it.  The color looks more Barbie Pink in the tube. It appears lighter on my lips and it took me about three coats to get it to that intensity. I must admit that this shade is for acquired taste.  I also wish that the packaging would have been more unique. I would have loved it if her signature was on the tube or something like that to establish that it's her lipstick.

Pink Friday may not be appealing to some especially since this shade might make teeth look yellowish and it also might be too bright for others. I've also realized that I'm not too much of a big fan of the satin finish. I prefer the lustre finish the most. 

Here are comparison swatches of Pink Friday against MAC's Lavender Whip and Viva Glam Gaga. I don't have Pink Noveau or Snob to compare but hopefully my swatches will give you a general idea of the color.

I think that with some experimenting this color will be fun. What do you guys think? Have any of you gotten your hands on it?

Happy Monday!


  1. holy smokes that is insaaaaaaaanely bright!

  2. Wear them at home!! I can't stress this enouuuuuugh. Wear it when you're doing laundry/cooking/washing the dishes. It's a great way to stretch the arch of your foot and get you used to the shape.

    Another way for me to break them in/get used to a new pair is to wear them to the movies. That way, you're wearing them for about 2 hours without putting extreme pressure on your feet.

    Once your feet are used to holding that arched shape, it gets sooo much easier to walk in.

  3. That's a very attractive color on you.

  4. so you hun ^_^ love the colors on you

  5. I think it's gorgeous on you :3 I'm also really jealous of how flattering Gaga is on you!

    I'm confused as to why they said this was a mix between Girl About Town and Pink Nouveau though, since it seems a million times lighter :S

  6. this is a fun color! and hehe yeah it does match Nikki's barbie lips in that picture

  7. how much?


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