Review: MAC Sheertone Blush In Pink Swoon

This was my first blush from the MAC permanent line. It took me a while to finally purchase it even though every time I went to the MAC counter and looked at the blushes I would pick this blush up to test. I didn't even know that half the time it was Pink Swoon until I looked! When I did purchase it, I was very glad I did. The pink may scare some people away because it looks so bright but it's a sheertone blush. It means exactly what the name implies. It's very sheer and can be built up to the level of opaqueness that you want and desire.

On my hand I have three swatches of Pink Swoon. Starting from the left is three swipes of the blush, the middle is two, and the right is one swipe.

Since it is a sheertone blush, it will give you a nice glow. It's subtle enough to not be crazy pigmented but it's noticeable enough to give your face that extra oomph. There is no shimmer or glitter in this which is nice for those days I don't want to sparkle. As far as I know there is no exact dupe for this. According to some websites, there is a Shiseido Majolica Majorca blush (PK333) and a L'oreal blush (Freeze Frame Fuschia) that are similar but not an exact match.

Of course the price may deter some people from purchasing this blush. It's retailed at $18.50 USD but contains 6 grams/0.21 ounces. I don't know about you but 6 grams is plenty o' blush for me to last for a while. I've had this blush for about three months and I have barely made a dent in it.

Overall, I love this blush and do recommend it for those who love pink blushes and want a nice flush. If the price is an issue I'm sure there are other nice pinky blushes that will do the same.

-Gives a great flush
-Can be built up
-Part of MAC's permanent line


Would I Repurchase? Yes


  1. I recently purchased this blush too! It's such a girly blush, lol.

  2. It would be awful for me to say "you sparkle every day", so I'm biting my tongue. LOL...ouch!!!

  3. Hey babe! Hiw are you ay? Its been so long! I hope your well :)
    Im the same as well. I keep picking this product up, wanting to buy it but im not sure! haha.... I still havent got this item yet, but lately im into bright pink blushes! I may have buy this one too!! :) xxxxxx

  4. I have to try that.. But then again I got Desire from Nars already... I'll try it anyways



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