Review: Revlon Lipgloss in Peony and Hot Pink

When I saw the display of the lipglosses I bounced over to it and oohed and ahhed over it. Revlon has introduced the lipgloss version of their beloved and fabulous ColorBurst lipstick. With 15 shades there is some nice variety for everyone. After much debate I chose Peony and Hot Pink to try out. These glosses run about $8 USD in drugstores.

The packaging is sleek and very pretty. It comes with the same quilted pattern as the lipsticks so it adds a nice sophisticated flair to it. Revlon states that these lipglosses provide a ton of shine, more than "patent leather." Now while these are very shiny, the shimmer that's in it is really what makes it sparkle. After the gloss wears off you do have left over shimmer, which I'm not a big fan of.

The applicator is a flat doe foot brush that is flexible to allow you to get every crevice of your lips. The pigmentation depends on the shade that you get. Peony is very sheer and mutes my lips while Hot Pink provides a nice pop of color.

There is a slight scent, perhaps a vanilla scent to these glosses. It's not obnoxious and I really have to stick my nose close to the product to smell it. The gloss is not sticky or tacky at all and feels a bit like a lipstick. Even though it's not tacky, the staying power is decent. I've had this gloss on for about 3 to 4 hours before the product was completely gone.

I really enjoy both colors. Hot Pink is great for those days where I want a nice pop of color and Peony is great to pair with a smokey eye.

-Decent color payoff
-Not tacky
-Decent staying power
-Variety of shades
-Pretty packaging

-Too much shimmer!!
Would I Repurchase: A different shade, yes


  1. UGH I hate glitter that stays on your lips after the product goes away. I also touch my mouth a lot so I tend to transfer the glitter all over my face! Ha ha. I do agree - packing is very sleek!

  2. Beautiful! :) Both shades are just fabulous! The little shimmers in it make it even better :)

  3. hey hun!! Aww havent spoken to u in a while! Where have u beeen missy! hehe. Im not too sure about the WW collection to be honest! I think i would only get 2 things from there hehe.. a lipstick and a mineralise skin finishes :) what about u hun? I bet u love the lippies heheeheh!

  4. mmmmm. THey look a little too glittery. If they were a more satin finish, I would love them

  5. Oh wow! they are really pretty selection and I want to get it! Love the Peony! that's good that it lasts more than 1 hour which not many glosses do. USD8 is good price but I bet its gonna be twice the price in aus... thanks for the review!

  6. hot pink looks great in the tube! glitter overdose ;)

  7. They're so shiny!! I really like the second shade, I feel like trying it because that sticky >< Nearly all the glosses that I've tried are sticky.

  8. The hot pink loook so pretty! I ordered one too :D

  9. The colors look so pretty & so does the packaging! It's too bad that you aren't in love with them - but perhaps I'll pick one up during a sale! Thanks for sharing :)

  10. I don't think I mind the shimmer actually! Hahaha there's never too much shimmer when you're going out for a night on the town ;)

  11. gorgous colors!! I love the hot pink on you!! ^_^

  12. i want one!
    nice blog...
    Hi from your new follower :)

  13. I love how both look so shiny and pretty on you!


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