MAC Peacocky Haul

MAC is trying to drain makeup lovers wallets dry! First it was Cham Pale then it was Stylishly Yours, now it's Mickey Contractor and Peacocky collections all in the span of two weeks. What gives MAC? Not only that, the prices are more expensive.

The MAC Peacocky collection consists of a beautiful array of limited edition eyeshadows and Kissable Lipcoulour. The colors are bold and bright and it is tempting to get them all but there are certain colors that are dupable. Temptalia has the entire list of dupes of this collection if you head on over to her site!

This is what I got
It was so tempting to get all the lip colors from this line. However after much debate I settled on these two: Scandelicious and Flaunting It. Kissable Lipcolours are not like lipglasses from MAC. They go on smooth and are as vibrant as lipsticks. There is no tackiness or stickiness. 

These eyeshadows are larger than your average MAC shadow. I fell in love with Noir Plum and Dandizette the moment I saw them. Tweet Me is a great neutral and you know how I am about neutrals! I will do some looks with these colors soon!

What did you guys get from the Peacocky Collection? Tell me cause I wanna know!


  1. bigger than normal? they will last forever! lol

  2. Aw hun your sooo sweet!! :) What do you think of the collection? Obv I can get it yet cus it hasnt been released in the UK yet! I've set my eyes on Nior plum and Unflapped thou!! :D

    I hope your doing well hun!! xxxx :)

  3. Great Haul! I saw the Noir Plum, and I was totally tempted to purchase it, but I didn't, and now I'm kind of regretting not getting it!

  4. girl you make me wana try some red lipsticks!I cant pull it, but you look very sexy with it for real!!! thanks for the recommendations on my birthday babe!Im already planning on seeing my boo this valentines day, but im thinking of celebrating my bday with my girl..we'd prolly go out of town or something since we both have the same birthday month! im glad we got closer, i wish to meet you one day babe! <3

  5. MAC really knows how to earn money by keeping releasing so many collections in a short time. I love the e/s :)

  6. I really do see how these colors incorporate into a peacock look! Those lippies are delicious! :)


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