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I figured I do a post about my part-time job as a wedding coordinator on a cruise ship. It changes the monotonous tone of makeup, makeup, makeup.

I absolutely love this job. You get paid to help people get married! As a wedding coordinator I set up favors, answer any questions that the guests have, pin boutonniere's, calm the bride, all those things. It's a wonderful experience.

I'm sure many of you wonder if I go on the actual cruise itself after the wedding. Sadly I do not. Can you imagine how many vacations I would have if I did? It would be nice but I would get sad I wasn't with Beau.

The one thing about a cruise wedding is time. Things must start according to schedule because the ship is only docked until 4:00pm. After that, it's bon voyage! Cruise weddings are also a cheaper alternative for those who still want a ceremony, close family and friends to be present, and some pretty good food.

So this is what I do on the weekends occasionally. It becomes more frequent in the spring and summer. I hope you all enjoyed this little blurb and are having a fantastic weekend! Stay warm.


  1. I had no idea! I did enjoy this little blurb! Plus if the bride has a makeup disaster you could step in and help :)

  2. omg... I wanted to be a wedding coordinator but of course... my mother rejected big time. I love looking at weddings and help my friend plan and do research about it.

  3. What an exciting job! :) I'm sure you love doing makeup for all the to-be brides. It must be so heartwarming to hear their stories and to make them look as youthful as they feel :D

  4. would be nice if you get into the cruise ships too!!!lol @ calming down the bride. im glad you like your job dear,it sounds really fun tho! :)

  5. oh wow! now that's what I call a job, it sounds so nice doing something you like and getting paid for it, no work at all!

  6. Wow, that sounds like a lot of fun. And even when it doesn't feel fun it must be interesting. I hope the brides are appreciative!!!

  7. ohh so cool I didn't know you are a wedding cordinator! it seems like such a stressful job haha but yeah the reward is huge when you see them at the alter I bet :)


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