Review: L'Oreal Infallible Lipcolor in Linda's Beige

Just a quick review on L'Oreal's Infallible lip color in Linda's Beige. This is a nice true nude that is very pretty and great for a lunch date or a dat out running errands. I also do have the Beyonce Red and I wanted to do an experiment with how long it lasted on me however the pictures I took on my phone were crap so I scrapped the idea.

So does the lipstick live up to the hype of being infallible? It depends. The Beyonce Red lipstick does not budge on me. It rarely chips and lasts through eating, drinking, kissing all that jazz. Linda's Beige doesn't stay as well on me. I don't know if the formulas are different but Linda's Beige does chip faster on me. I am not really a fan of the texture of long lasting lippies. They just feel gritty on my lips when I rub them together. The color is lovely though and I do find myself wearing it when I'm out running errands because I know it won't bleed or smear.

A lot of people complain that long lasting lipsticks don't really last and chip and aren't worth the money. You must make sure to follow the directions and put this lipstick on bare lips. This means no balm or anything of the sort. You also must make sure that the color has fully dried before applying the top coat. If you apply step 2 and see residual color on the stick, that means you didn't wait long enough. You'll be able to tell if it's fully dry by whether or not it's still tacky. I've also read it depends on the PH balance of your body that causes the lipstick to chip faster. Not too sure why this is though.
-Long lasting
-Nice smelling top coat (it smells like candy!)
-Great for dates

-May be expensive for some ($10.99 USD)
-May chip faster on others

Would I repurchase: Perhaps another color


  1. There's a step 2? I honestly never heard that before.

    How you're keeping warm!

  2. oh wow, such a rich color! I truly adore it!

  3. Thanks for the review, i have been wondering about those since there has been lots of commercials about it. The "linda" looks great on you though. =]


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