Review: L'Oreal Magic Smooth Souffle in Nude Beige

In my last post here, I told all you lovely ladies that I was trying out the L'Oreal Magic Smooth Souffle (what a mouthful!). I also promised that I would review this foundation as it is a hot item right now. Many people compared this foundation to the Maybelline Matte Mousse because both create a nice smooth matte finish. Honestly I really do not like Maybelline's Matte Mousse because it clogged my pores and caused a serious breakout.

The Magic Smooth Souffle is a whipped, light and very airy foundation that is suppose to create a smooth and pore less face. I tried a sample of this that I got from my local CVS and loved the way it felt on my face so I bought the full package. The price varies depending on where you go. At my drugstore it was $15.00 USD. I've heard other people claiming that this can run up to $19.00.

The packaging is very cute. It has a hot pink top and a heavy glass jar. Many people who don't like dipping their fingers in the jar will hate the packaging. I personally use a small spatula to take out the amount I need so I don't contaminate the product. Then I stipple it on with my Sigma Sigmax F80 brush. The coverage is light to medium coverage. I do not suggest that you add layers and layers, it will make you look cakey and overdone.

Nude Beige is the perfect color for my skin. For reference I'm a NC25 in MAC. The colors are limited and those with darker skin will have trouble finding a shade. It's also hard to figure out what shade you are through the jar, I had three colors in my hand before I chose Nude Beige.

This is meant for those who have oiler or normal skin. Those with dry skin will not like this unless they moisturize their skin really well. I have some dry patches in the winter and this foundation accentuated them. I also suggest that you use a primer for a really flawless face. The last few times I applied this foundation, I used my L'Oreal Studio Secrets primer and the result was quite lovely.
-Airy texture
-Great for oilier skin types
-Pore less finish

-Limited colors
-Not for dry skin
-May not be enough coverage


  1. I thinking about buying this but I wasn't sure if it would be too thick and pore clogging, but since you said it's lightweight, it just might be what I'm looking for ;) Thanks for reviewing!

  2. I like how there's pink on the packaging. hehehe. Great review!

  3. Now I know what not to buy. I'm happy with Cetaphil as I have dry skin. I know who to recommend this to now.

    Thanks, lovely! Sorry about the clogged pores. It's trial and error with these things, yeah?

  4. Thanks for the review :) I saw this in the store - but they didn't have testers out so I passed. Is the texture anything like the studio secret resurfacing primer?

  5. Great blog, now following!



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