NoTD: China Glaze Harmony

So I finally decided to paint my nails with the China Glaze polish I got from my Ulta Haul. I absolutely love this color!! It makes my nails and hands look so clean and polished. I have to say it, I think I might need to get more China Glaze colors! Now I know why all you ladies love this brand. The polish was smooth to apply and the finish is lovely.

On a separate note, thank you for all the lovely comments about my job! Yes it can be stressful getting everything together, but the process becomes second nature after the first few times. When I start to work more weddings maybe I'll include some crazy stories I encounter.

Happy Monday! I hope all my East Coast people are staying warm in this frigid weather!!


  1. Yes! My favorite nail polish brand have always been China Glaze!! =]

  2. That is a very cool color.

    We had to add extra blankets Sunday night. It's crazy cold. Hope you're keeping warm too! =)

  3. I really need to paint, my nails, I dont think my nails have seen color in months


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