MAC Stylishly Yours Haul

Being an avid fan of bright colors I was super excited about this collection. I just wanted to do a quick post of what I got. I don't have the swatches up yet just because I haven't had the heart to try them yet!
I'm sure you are all sick of me purchasing purple lipsticks but I can't help just how pretty they look! Style Curve is a Cremesheen finish and Something New is an Amplified finish so you know this bad boy will be super pigmented.

This is a gel liner is most known as Fluidline from MAC. It is a beautiful plummy color that contains a hint (and this is slight) of purple glimmer. Dark Diversion is going to be a great change from your everyday black liner and will make brown eyes pop.

I don't have many cream base anything(s). I figured this collection would be a great way to start. These colors are not safe for the eyes but are great for the lips and cheeks. From the swatches I have seen, they are very pigmented and very creamy. I cannot wait to use these as bases!

Did any of you purchase anything from the Stylishly Yours collection? If so tell me what you got! Talk to you all soon!


  1. Great Haul! I'm loving the Tickle me pink blush! I might just have to go pick that up tomorrow! :)

  2. i love madly magenta!! it looks like an awesome violet for cheeks and lips <3

  3. So far I don't think my wife hs tried any Mac products, but I think she'd look great in these colors.

  4. Can't wait to see how Style Curve looks on you :)

  5. i really wanted the fluidline and the lipsticks! all the colors just look so fun in this collection, great haul

  6. Happpy late new years to u babe!!! Wow... You bought the whole thing! The only thing I got from this collection was Cream color base in Tickle me pink. I was gonna get Virgin isle? correct me if im wrong hehehe. Did you anything from Cham pale collection?? :p xxxx

  7. Nice haul! Those colors are really vibrant :)


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