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About three weeks ago I received an email from a woman named Maggie from the company kkCenterhk. The company is based in Kowloon, Hong Kong and when she emailed me at first, I will admit I was a little skeptical. After browsing the website and reading the reviews I replied back and told Maggie that I would be interested receiving a pair of lashes to review. She quickly replied and told me to pick a my favorite from the ES brand. I selected the short criss-cross lashes (A077) because they seemed to be wearable on a daily basis. Maggie responded the following day saying that she had shipped the lashes out and about a week and a half later I received them.

The lashes that I selected looked exactly how they looked on the website and I was pretty excited to try them. The reason why I'm reviewing the lashes now are because I wanted to wear them multiple times before giving you my review. I will never lie about a product or say something false. You guys know if I don't like something because I will never hesitate to tell you.
The lashes are very comfortable and soft. They don't feel heavy at all and they don't poke my eyes out! Along with my lashes, Maggie also sent me four extra pairs! These are more glam lashes and I can't wait to try them out. The peacock lashes I'm super excited about. I thought it was very sweet and generous of her and the company to send me more than the original lashes.

From my experience, the customer service is very good. She was quick to respond and quick to ship the product out. Considering that the company is in Kowloon, the shipping was very quick. Also the price of these lashes are ridiculously low! The lashes I selected only cost $3.70 for ten pairs! That's .37 cents a pair. I don't know about you but that's a pretty good deal. There are higher priced lashes which I'm sure are even better quality but these lashes are comparable to many of the lashes found in drugstores. If you want to visit their website here is the link.

Here's a shot of what they look up close. I think they are the perfect length to wear on a daily basis without looking all done up.

 Of course here's a FotD. 

Disclaimer: Please know that these lashes were sent to me to review. I am not affiliated with the company nor do I get paid to review or mention them. These are my honest opinions and thoughts.


  1. it was stunning on you hun..


  2. great post, makes me wanna buy some now >.<

  3. i loved the lippie you've used here ^_^ so sexy

  4. Pretty! ^_^ I was a lil skeptical because the email that she sent me kept saying'SPAM SPAM SPAM'! And I was thinking is this real? Lol

  5. wow, the lashes look AMAZING and natural, cant beat that. =]

  6. great post! I think something is wrong with my blog thing, I'm not getting updates when you post up a new blog dear =[ Anyways, I love the ones you pick, so natural looking but still make your eyes stands out. Which glue did you use and did you had to trim it? I still haven't master it yet.... I suck. lol.

  7. Beautiful!! It looks natural on you ^^

  8. hey :) i just did a post on these <3 their prices are amazingly cheap right?

  9. Lashes have such a beautiful pattern.
    One would think they wouldn't look as natural as they do.


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