A Piece of Me (July 2010)

I know this is late,  but I was away for the weekend and totally forgot to do it on Friday night!

This Month

I Like: My tan! And running around sans make-up cause of it! ^___^

I don't like: The peeling that comes with my tan and the fact that my hair still looks like it's an orange flame

I want you to know: that even though I may not comment sometimes, I read all the posts on my feed and love reading each and every one!

I've planned: to continue working towards my fitness goal and trying not to fall off so damn much especially when it comes to delicious NOMS!

I want to say to someone special: ^_____^

Hope everyone enjoyed their fourth of July weekend! Talk soon!


  1. aww cute enjoy your tan!
    too bad i just burn...
    also i know how you feel ><
    my high looks really orangey sometimes must bleach more xD

  2. Orange flame? That would be cool to see!

    You look fit in all of your photos, so you must be doing well on your goal. This weekend was pig-out time. But fortunately we worked in a lot of fresh fruit. But still, there were root beer floats and frozen fruit bars (coconut, strawberry, lime, lemon) along with cookout food. Ahhh!

  3. awww i wanna tan too but my problem is that if i'm just sitting on the beach or in the backgroud for the sole purpose of tanning, i get a headache! hahhaha!


Thank you so much for taking time to read my blog. I read all my comments and appreciate each and every one! ^_^

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