New Items on Sale!

I just wanted to drop a line on my main blog to let all you lovely people know that I put more things up for sale!


  1. RYC: Oh, I can't stand rude people like that. They think they're the only ones who matter. You were right where you were supposed to be, the only place you could be, and she acts like you're in her way and responsible for what happened. Ugh, I hope something falls on her head the next time she flies! That's bad, isn't? But I don't feel guilty about it...she deserves it and maybe she'll learn something. Probably won't learn, but karma's got to give her a kick in the pants!!!

  2. Haha, soon, I hope. Between allergies and a weird bug I've had the past week or so (I thought it was gone, but it came back yesterday), my throst has been a little raw lately. Not that it matters as far as the singing goes. But I don't want to be nasal or froggy the first time people hear my voice.

    I was editing my post when you commented, I'm glad it made sense when you read it. =)


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