June Favorites/Happy July!

Happy July!

June has sure flown by fast. I can't believe that we are already over two weeks into the "official" summer. But like they say, time flies when you're having fun so I guess it's a good thing ^^.

So here are this months favorites. It's not much just because it's been really hot and I haven't been wearing too much makeup. I've been taking a minimalist approach and to be honest, it's a nice change. The indecisive Libra in me doesn't have to agonize which eyeshadow combination to put together for the look. So here are my faves:

1-Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets: Are essential for me. Especially when it's muggy, my face needs these blue sheets to banish that shiny gleam on my forehead haha

2-Lorac Front of The Line Waterproof Eyeliner: this has been my go to liner for the month. It has a felt tip and creates the perfect wing for me. The plus for this? No smudging at all! The only bad thing I will have to say is that after a while the tip does dry out. I have to apply pressure to blot more of the color out. I got this off the Lorac site for super cheap. I don't know if I could pay full price for it now after it runs out.

3-NARS Laguna Bronzer: Instead of using blush and bronzer I've just been using this. It sculpts my cheekbones and gives me an even nicer glow compared to the tan i've been getting ^^

4-MAC MSF in Medium Plus: Don't be fooled by the compact. I just switched them because I love the orange from the To the Beach collection. Perfect setting powder for me. It doesn't feel heavy and doesn't break me out.

5-MAC To The Beach Eyeshadow in Sweet and Punchy: This color is so pretty! So summery and great. I usually like neutral colors but I absolutely love this color. Paired with a matte brown or grey, it lights up your eyes so much.

6-MAC To the Beach Lipstick in Lazy Day and Beachbound: Lazy Day is a lustre and is blue pink color that is simple and wearable everyday. Beachbound is a glaze that leave a shimmery peach glow on your lips. It's like a highlighter. Both are beautiful.

So those are my favorites. I hope everyone has a great July the 4th weekend! I celebrated early and tried to create a look using red, white and blue. Of course I wouldn't wear this out. But it was fun to experiment ^___^

I feel like all I need to do is pop in some circle lenses and I'll be good to go in an anime haha

Take Care Guys!


  1. Cute! Happy 4th.

    Libra? Sept or Oct?

  2. lazy day! I was wanting to try/get that before I left but I never got a chance. Looks like it was a HIT since it's sold out everywhere :(

    btw I like the new blog layout! :D

  3. Argh I'm jealous that you have Sweet and Punchy. I love me some chartreuses <3

  4. man, june definitely flew by!!! i love those oil sheets but i havn't found a good one that doesn't feel rough on my skin! haha!

  5. Awesome fave! I've been wanting to try NARS Laguna, heard so many great reviews about it.


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