Boy you've got to prove your love to meeeeeee, yeah

Haha here is the long awaited In the Groove haul! Pictures and swatches galore. I was only interested in the MSF's and the lipsticks. I didn't care too much for the eyeshadows or blushes, I just felt like it had been stuff I had already seen or have. The cremesheens were tempting but again I wasn't like OMG I MUST HAVE. Anyway on to the pictures!
So you're all probably wondering how I got the coveted Stereo Rose. Well it was sold out on the MAC site and I was disappointed but I had waited a few hours for Nordstorm to post what they had of the collection and Stereo Rose was still available! (It's not available anymore though T_T)
HoHo says "Hi!" in the background!
Petticoat is GORGEOUS! I really love the finish and veining of the one I got
This is with the flash
This is without. It's so pretty.
Now onto Stereo Rose
This is also a gorgeous MSF. No wonder why it's so hyped...but I can't see how some people want to pay ridiculous prices for it. It's a very nice coral blush that can be duped. I have heard that DuWop's "Pomegranate" is very close. The veining on this isn't as detailed as the Petticoat MSF but still very beautiful. Both of these give a nice sheen on your face and both are pretty pigmented so use a light hand! I don't have any swatches of these just because my camera was not cooperating with today to give you a clear picture of my arm. I got fed up and moved on haha.

So on to the lipsticks. Out of all the finishes I think I like Lustres from MAC the best but these Cremesheen finishes are pretty nice too.
"I Like It Like That" looks different because I had used it already =)
Here are the lip swatches:
"I Like It Like That"
"Go For It"

And because many people were saying how Jazz and Ever Hip were almost the same, I took pictures of both the lipstick and lip swatches to show all of you. To tell you the truth, it's pretty darn close
Ever Hip looks a little more Coral and deeper but on my lips they both look almost the same
Here is Jazzed:
Here is Ever Hip:
See they almost look the same so if you missed out on Jazzed but have Ever Hip, you aren't missing much! Hope you liked the haul! What did you guys get from the collection if anything? Or are you waiting for a different collection?
By the way, I got my hair done. I no longer look like a flame!

'Scuse the chubby cheeks (  ^___^  )


  1. Great haul! Petticoat certainly does look gorgeous! But those lipsticks are pretty bold, lol. I'd never be able to pull those off >_<


  2. lovely haul
    i love all the marbled looks!
    and those shades look great on you

    & i must say...

  3. oo stereo rose! hehe. I'm totally out of the loop when it comes to MAC collections and hyped MAC products so this is the first time I've seen stereo rose! Very pretty :) Thanks for the pics!!

    And I like your new hair color too! Im going to dye mine sometime this month :D

  4. Yay for hauls! The pictures are very nice, I always love how you arrange everything. The veining on your petticoat is gorgeous... it looks much more exciting than stereo rose in the pan =)

  5. I love seeing your hauls. It's like I'm shopping with you! Jazzed and Ever Hip look great on you. But the packaging of Ever Hip is much cuter! :D

    I'm usually not a fan of the MSFs due to the veining but Petticoat looks pretty like marble. The veining usually creeps me out a little.

  6. Petticoat is so gorgeous!!!! I love the veining too :D I hope they still have it in stock at the counter when I go :D

  7. These looks should have J singing for you! Chubby cheeks? Don't see it.

    Hopefully the Mets will do better on Saturday.

  8. Awesome haul! Lucky you to be able to lay your hands on them :D. Jazzed and Ever Hip do look similar!

  9. The veining in your Petticoat is gorgeous! Half of mine doesn't have any veining at all -_-

  10. love the haul! Yeah, they are really similar... But the packaging is so much cuter :P

  11. i dont think il be able to pull a purple lipstick... i dare not risk! haha but looks soo good on u! nice!

  12. Nice haul! Everyone seems to be in love with Stereo Rose. Looks like a really gorgeous color. (:

  13. whoa the purple shade is crazy, but actually looks pretty good when being applied on... like natural not blochy like some of the other purple shade lipsticks I've seen... cute pic of you btw!

  14. I am so mad I did not get the go for it lipstick because I thought it would be too wild. I am on a hunt for it now.

  15. everything looks soooooo nice! loving the lipsticks xxxx


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