A Review: Wet N Wild Mega Last Lip Colors

Before I start my review, a many thanks to those of you who answered my question about which direction/path I should take this blog. It means so much! You guys are right, a little bit of variety makes it the least boring for everyone. ^__^ Again, many thanks.

Ok, now on to the review. Today I will be reviewing the Wet n Wild Mega Last Lip Colors. According to the site these lipsticks not only "take center stage" but:

This 4-hour, longwearing lip color leaves a semi-matte, crème finish in one stroke. Glides on easily with rich, velvety color that doesn't cake, feather, or bleed. Made with hydrating skin-care ingredients: Hyaluronic Microspheres provide extraordinary adhesion to lips, an exclusive polymer complex offers cushion-like feel and texture, and natural marine plant extracts Coenzyme Q10 and Vitamins A & E help smooth lips.
(Take from Wet n Wild website)

Sounds all fancy right? Basically what Wet n Wild is telling us that their newer formulated lipstick is better and much improved compared to what they used to have. Do I agree? Yes I do. In fact, these lipsticks are very well made. You can find these in drugstores ranging from 2.99-3.99 USD. I found these at Rite Aid where they were having a BOGO half off. I found mine for $2.99. 
Look who came out of his Camphor Tree! He kept me company while I taking pictures =^_^=
He's curious about what these are.
I like these a lot, especially with the price, it's amazing how easily these lipsticks go on the lips. The pigmentation is "like whoa!" One suggestion I have when using these lipsticks is lip balm. I feel it's essential! It will go on more smoothly if there is a balm base and the colors won't sink into your lip lines as much. The variety of colors is also a plus. They have all different shades so I think everyone should be able to find a color(s) that suit their skin tone. Another plus? No scent!!
These were swatched on my inner arm with only three swipes.
Now even though I like these a lot, there are some things that make me go -__-. The first thing is their packaging. Oh my Buddha it drives me nuts. I hate when I purchase lipsticks that don't swivel all the way down. I always end up nicking them on the caps. Another thing you must be careful about when you purchase these lipsticks is the fact that the packaging is at times poorly put together. I picked one up and flipped it over to look at the color and the lipstick fell from it's place in the tube onto the cap. Needless to say I put that one back. The last gripe I have is that these damn lipstick names are only on the wrapper. When you peel that off all you have left is a number like 903B. Couldn't Wet n Wild have just put the name along with the number on the bottom sticker? 

So which are my favorites? It would have to be Bare it All, Just Peachy, and Rose Bud. I do like Mauve Outta Here but it seems similar to another lip color I have. Think Pink is such a pretty color, but this one sinks into the lines of my lips really bad. I need to wear some sort of gloss over it to smooth it out.

On to the Lip Swatches!
Hope this helps you guys with picking out some colors! Also hope you enjoyed with review and my little companion (aka Totoro) =^_^=


  1. You have such cute and defined lips! So pretty :D Peachy and Rose bud look beautiful on you! I love that there is also a little frost to them too :) very pretty!

  2. Love the shape of your lips! i especially like care it all on you! I might go pick some up tmr, they seem very moisturizing and im looking for balms like that. Thanks for the review!

  3. Thanks for the swatches! Love the Just Peachy :)

  4. I love the think pink one! Well, I love all baby pink ones :P
    Great review! Sadly, not wet and wild here :(

  5. Wet N Wild is getting to be huge! The only thing I've ever paid attention to from them is the taupe brow pencil.. but now can't wait to check it out!

  6. We agree 100% about the inside-out shirt--it's so logical! =)

    Thanks for the nutmeg tip. I thought she just used cinnamon and sugar w/the peaches. But that doesn't give it the right taste.

  7. I thought I commented last night! Hmmm, maybe I was tired and forgot to click publish--or I probably had a typo in the verification word and didn't notice. Anyway, I seconded what Rainy Days wrote.

  8. i'm so glad to hear that the lipsticks are great...and i can see how pigmented they are! ive loved wet n wild for years and i'm glad they've got new products still at low prices : )

  9. That last mauve one is beautiful - I'm not ever sure where to buy Wet & Wild around here anymore, I will have to have a look!

    Best, Lisamarie

  10. Rose Bud and Mauve Outta Here are beautiful :O

  11. RYC: That instructor should be fired! He or she must do that themselves and thinks it's a great idea becuase it saves them one one-hundredth of a second when making the left turn.

  12. love your blog..and get swatches, will subscribe! :)

  13. I love mauve outta here so much.my fvorite!

  14. I love wet n wild always.....

  15. i love the Purty Persimmon =)


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