Maybelline ColorSensational "The Pearl" Lipsticks and Swatches

Maybelline has introduced a new line of "pearl" colors for their ColorSensational Line. These colors are more of your shimmery iridescent shades, hence why it's called the "The Pearl" Line. I picked two colors out of the line, after I stood in the drugstore and agonized which ones to get. (The indecisiveness in me).

The formula isn't much different from the regular ColorSensational line. You definitely have to smell them before you buy or else you can end up with a terrible smelling plastic-y Play-Doh tube of doom. Thank God all the ones at my drugstore had the same coconut smell all of my others have ^^. I wore both colors and would probably have to say that my favorite is the Coral Gleam. I do love both, but I find myself reaching for that one more. I love the way that it makes my lips look full and glossy. Pearly Pink is very shimmery, so if you're not into that then it's a No-No color for you.
As the color fades from your lips, it does leave the shimmer/glitter behind. I found myself with no lipstick left on my lips but they were still sparkly. It was actually kinda hard for me to remove them from my lips with just a tissue. Anywho, here are the lip swatches!

Have you ladies tried these? Do you like them? Let me know what your opinions are!


  1. Very pretty colors!! I really like the sparkles :D

  2. I like the coral one!! Coral blushes and lippies always call out to me for some reason.. hehe :}

    Too bad my BF hates any lip products that transfer to him.. I swear all boys are afraid of glitter. It's just glitter!! :P

  3. Tube of doom, LOL! I couldn't play with play-doh because of the smell. I hated it!

    It looks very pretty on you.

  4. It looks too sparkly for me, but I can see how they would look very pretty on though!

  5. Nice swatches! :)

    But they do look quite sparkly, maybe a bit too much for my lips.

  6. The coral one is gorgeous on you <3 I hope these come to Australia soon, I want to molest them instore ;D

  7. I'm an idiot! I thought there was another Meibelle in blogworld--I didn't recognize your new profile pic with your last comment. I clicked on the link and of course it led me here. But in my defense, how many pretty faces do you have??? LOL~

  8. i don't do frosty lips! but i think the colors are pretty and i like the other maybelline color sensational lipsticks : )


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