NYC Blushable Creme Sticks (Deal Alert!)

Here I present to you the limited edition N.Y.C. (New York Color) Blushable Creme Sticks. They run retail at drugstores for $3.99 USD and are a real steal especially if you a creme blush fanatic! I found these sticks way back in April and I think that there are still drugstores that are selling them, so snatch these up before they're gone! I went to N.Y.C.'s website and they're no longer listed there to buy so I'm guessing your only option if you want these is the drugstore.

These blushes have pretty good staying power considering that they are creme blushes. I have tried some and they seem to melt off my face, but these are pretty decent.  If you buy these blushes and find that the staying power isn't fantastic for you, you can always apply a powder blush on top to set it. Just like with foundations you can set your creme blush.  I also like the fact that these can be easily blended with your fingers to give you a nice flush. Also, a little goes a long way, or else you end up looking like a clown. For the price, there is a ton of product as well (0.28oz/8.0g.) Again, if you are a bargain hunter but still quality items I think this is definitely an item you should look into. I know that Stila creme blushes run for about $25.00 USD and Tarte's blush sticks are $30.00 USD. A big difference! If you aren't a bargain hunter but just like to experiment with makeup and don't want to dish out the dough I think this should be in your collection.

I swatched these in the order of the picture from above. I thought it was odd that Urban Spice was lighter than Berry New Yorker but yeh. 
My no flash pictures are horrible. I think it's because of my lighting in my living room. I think that is what gives off the yellowness, but I figured I post a picture of it as well.

My favorites would have to be Berry New Yorker and Plaza Pink. I think Plaza Pink would be a great highlighter for people who have darker complexions. Well, in actuality, I like all the colors I bought haha. 

Have you girls tried these? Let me know what you think of them!


  1. I found these at a local rite aid today. I got plaza pink, big apple blush, and berry new yorker ^__^

    How do you apply them?

  2. @Mandy The way that you apply these blushes is totally up to you. You can apply them straight from the stick and then blend it on your cheeks with your fingers or you can use a synthetic brush if you don't want the actual product to touch your skin. It's all up to you =)

  3. Loving your blog, thanks for posting up such great photos and swatches. I just indulged in the plaza pink nyc cream blush and some revlon super lustrous, so it was fun to find this site and find both of them recently reviewed, and so well done too! =)

  4. Ohhh! I've seen other reviews for these blushes! I really want to try them out! :D

  5. There have been a lot of raves about this blush but NYC isn't available in my country. :(

    I'm loving the plaza pink and wild berry swatches. :3

  6. Wild Berry looks gorgeous in your swatches :D

  7. Wild Berry looks stunning! I hope these come to the UK soon :)

  8. they dont have these in canada!! lucky you :(


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