I Wish I Was...

As I am approaching my 26th birthday (less than a month away, *GASP!*) I was reflecting to myself today and thinking of how I've grown as a woman. I'm sure I will ramble now, so try to stick with me =).

Ten years ago, I was 15, a junior in high school. I had just come to grasp with the fact I was actually cute to the opposite sex. I no longer had my braces, my hair grew out and above it all I had a boyfriend. Yet I still wished to be someone else, cause there was always someone more popular, better, prettier, the list could go on. I judged my happiness on the amount of friends I had rather than the quality.

Fast forward to five years later, I was 20. I was still finding myself in college, realizing that friendships made in high school were not always meant to be forever and realizing that the world wasn't as black and white as it appeared to be. I was still unsure of myself, self-conscious and carried doubt with me wherever I went regardless of how many people told me how special I was.

Now I am 25 and as I reflected today, I no longer wanted to be someone else. In fact, I was happy with the way I looked, happy with my personality. HAPPY with my whole being. Perhaps this was a quarter of century epiphany, who knows, but I was relieved that I no longer wished to be someone prettier or hotter or whatever adjective you want to insert. That doesn't mean I don't want to better myself or improve myself, it just means that I'm finally comfortable in my own skin.

OK, so you're probably asking, what is the point of this whole post? The point is, many of us wish we were someone else. We spend so much wishing to be someone else that we never realize just how awesome we truly are. Each one of you is awesome! Never ever forget that, and don't ever listen to the people who tell you otherwise. The important people will love and appreciate you through every hardship in your life.

So if you're having a bad day and everything in your life is going wrong, don't fret, remember things get better regardless whether you believe it or not.


  1. I've always liked reading more personal posts from my favorite bloggers :) I'm turning 19 at the end of the year and I can identify with the 20 year old you. I'm still trying to find ways to appreciate me as myself. Hopeflly I'll get to where you're at soon :D Happy early birthday!

  2. Yes! Yes! Yes!!! Can you tell I'm excited? ;P

    Reading this made me very happy. It's so nice when amazing people find that wonderful place between insecurity and arrogance. You ARE very special!

    There's a line in the Charlie Brown Christmas special that always springs to mind whenever I hear someone putting someone else down. One of the girls tells Pigpen he looks awful and should be ashamed. She holds a mirror up for him and he responds, "On the contrary, I didn't know I looked that GOOD." LOL, I love that!

  3. I hope I have a quarter century epiphany like you, rather than a quarter life crisis! I never had your 15 year old stage, but am stuck in that 20 year old stage. :P

    Happy early birthday!

  4. Aw Thanks for this post hun. It really made me smile. It's true, we are our own worst enemy and we always say stuff to put our self down. There are times when I feel like this and it really does get me down, but truth of the matter is we are all special in our own way.
    I want to wish you a happy birthday hun!! Another chapter added to your life and please make the most out of it. You are a very beautiful girl and you shouldn't ever feel like you need to be someone else. Im glad you you appreciate for who you are :)

  5. I wish...you posted more often!!!

    LOL, but I can't talk. I'm down to about one post a week.

    Hope you're doing well. =)

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