NoTD: Essie Sand Tropez

Been loving this nude griege color for Spring!! What colors have you ladies been sporting??


  1. LOVE!I haven't had anything on my nails for so long (due to work) but Im goin to be a rebel and sports a nude claw soon! haha

  2. I've been using this, but lately I have been switching my nail colors up with Revlon's "Make Mine Mango".

    I gotta say, this shade was my very first purchase from Essie, and it did not disappoint! Color looks great on your nails. :)

  3. LOVE IT, i have many similar greige but not freakin Essie, i don't have any polishes from that brand yet!

  4. I'm not really a fan of the greige, it reminds me of how gloomy this April has been.. lol I've been sporting alot of bright colors though red orange and Zoya's 'Annie' ;P

  5. Just wanted to let you know it's time for another herro hachi giveaway. The big winner gets to select anything from Kym's site.

  6. Love it! I still want to grab this & Barefoot & Topless :D

    Actually I'm just on the hunt for the perfect nude color for me

  7. My elf 'Desert Haze' looks quite alike! *_*

  8. I'm mostly a mirror, so the awesome is coming from you. =)))
    Thank you for sharing it!!!

  9. Love it! Right now i'm not wearing any polish.. becuase i got so tired of getting orange stains on my nails from peeling oranges. hahaha! so i took a break :P Btw - i don't know if i've checked with you already but just wanted to make sure you got my email about winning the giveaway?! :P


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