Blog Challenge Day 1

I figured I would try to be more active on here like I promised so I decided to do a blog challenge and I will try to post everyday, if not every other day cause sometimes life just gets in the way ^^

Day 1: Recent Pic of You and 15 Interesting Facts About You
1) I hate two-faced people, people who lead other people on, and liars. If you are anyone of those things and I find out, especially if you are deceitful to me or someone I care about, you're cut and will always be considered a scumbag and non existent to me

2) I can sometimes have trust issues, once I let you into my life it's because I want to, like I said if you take advantage, I will cut you out just as quick as I let you in

3) My shopping weaknesses are: makeup (duh), shoes, and dresses

4) I am very in love with my fiance and I know that I will be marrying my best friend and love of my life

5) I love to read, reading is essential to me in order to have a cultured life.

6) I really dislike when people "Like" their own status on FB. It makes you seem conceited.

7) I think I'm a pretty approachable person. I will take the time to tell a person that I like something they are wearing, even if they are a stranger.

8) I have three tattoos and I want more ^^

9) I want a big family of my own just because mine was small and I never want my kids to experience some of things I went through.

10) Ok, I have a huge celebrity crush on Wang Leehom, he's just too cute and his voice is wonderful

11) I'm a gamer/nerd/sports watcher and you will never hear me get upset if you want to watch sports or play a video game

12) I will always be a kid at heart, I feel it keeps us young to never lose our youth and our imagination, life would be boring

13) I always find quotes or lyrics to fit in my life somehow.

14) My girlfriends are amazing, ones that I have met in life and through blogger

15) I'm very easy going. It's rare that I don't go with the flow


  1. Gorgeous pic! :)
    I'm with you on 1,3,5,6,11! :D

  2. My wife is the same way about #1. Once someone stops to exist in her world, they are out. Four years ago she said she would never speak to my step-mother again and she hasn't.

    #4 is my favorite fact, I'm really happy for you two. Life will always have its ups and downs, but spending it with the love of your life makes everything better.

    I think #15 applies to me too. Something has to be important for me to make a fuss.

    Hope you have a great weekend! =)

  3. LOL I so agree about the FB status liking thing - obviously people like the status they just posted, since they wrote it. They don't need to 'like' it too! -_-

  4. sometimes I like my own jewelry stuff on FB so the chance of it ending up in my HS friends' feed is higher. :P

    I like this blog challenge idea.

    3 tattoos? really? hehe. curious what they are..

  5. Where are the rest of the blog challenge days!!

  6. @Dina Thank you so much!

    @RicAdeMus it's so much easier to not deal with the drama at all. If people in your life cause it, it's not worth it

    @ SilhouetteScreams Yes! Thank you for agreeing with me!

    @Steph haha well, you're an exception. Some people i know like every one of their statuses. That's annoying! Yes I have three tats, one on my hip, my ankle and the right side of my rib cage =)

    @xJole there a'comin! ^^

  7. lol, im late when it comes to blog reads and i just read this now. LMAO @ #6, soo true like wth. I do have trust issues as well... I've had so much drama in my life that I decided to cut people off completely just because I don't like dramas and stuff like that. It's hard to build trust of all things. I've never heard of blog challenge. You look purrttyy on the picture!


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