A Piece of Me (August 2010)

I can't believe that it's August already!! I totally thought that I had another week! Heh. Summer is going by way too fast =(

I hope everyone is well. Of course it's that time of the month again where we all do "A Piece of Me" started by Notes from the Toothfairy. Yay!

This Month:

I Like: Summer cleaning! It's so nice to get rid of things you know you're never going to use and tidying up your home =)

 I Don't Like: Still don't like humidity...and I'm sad that I just finished the Avatar: The Last Airbender series. It was soo good!

I Want You To Know: That cleaning is very therapeutic!

I've Planned: To make this month more productive than last month!

I Want to Say to Someone Special: This is for my followers, thank you so much for following! I can't believe that I have 185 followers! Though I'm sure some don't read my blog, but the ones that do, THANK YOU for making me feel so welcomed still =)


  1. Cool, you've already added a follower just since you posted this!

    I have to do some unexpected cleaning. My "stuff" drawer is in a server in our kitchen. My wife bought a small china cabinet (hutch?) to take it's place--and the drawers are smaller. So I need to sort through my junk to see what to keep, what to move and what to throw out.

    I always look forward to your posts and comments! =)

  2. I really need to do some cleaning on my stuffs too, I'm too lazy right now :p. You're well deserved for all these followers :)

  3. cleaning IS very therapeutic! i recently cleaned out, rearranged and redecorated my whole room and i feel so much lighter and i absolutely LOVE my room now =) && I love your "about me" so confident =)) stay beautiful love!!


Thank you so much for taking time to read my blog. I read all my comments and appreciate each and every one! ^_^

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