Review: Dior Addict Ultra Gloss

A current favorite gloss of mine as of late has to be my Dior Addict Ultra Gloss in Satin Peach. I really wanted a peachy nude gloss to wear on a everyday basis instead of my usual pinks and nudes and had heard rave reviews on this gloss because of its texture and non-stickiness. I was so happy to find this at my Sephora and snatched it right up.

Here is Sephora's Description:
What it does:Straight from the runway, new Dior Addict Ultra Gloss features a featherweight formula with a flash-plumping, "spotlight shine" effect. Hyaluronic spheres keep lips smooth and moisturized, while mirror-like micropearls reflect light in all directions for a dazzling finish. The package is tall and sleek, with a Lucite top that mirrors the nano-spotlight effect. The precision brush applicator makes for effortless, perfect application every time.

What else you need to know:
An exclusive "Spotlight Shine" complex features glass-like micro-marbles of varying sizes, which multiply light tenfold to illuminate lips like nano-spotlights! The nano-spotlights reflect light in every direction like a kaleidoscope, to multiply and maximize shine—all while delivering a sheer wash of catwalk color.

This gloss is not sticky at all! It comes with a brush applicator compared to the regular doe foot applicator. The brush is soft and makes for precise application which is a plus. The packaging is divine. High class and sturdy. This gloss comes in twelve different shades and are all a nice sheer of color. I had about 8 different colors on my hands before I decided on Satin Peach. It actually reminds me of a better version of Urban Decay's Pocket Rocket (My review). There isn't that strong burnt sugar smell, rather it's a pleasant faint sweet smell.

It claims to plump your lips and it does to a certain extent. There is no strange stinging or tingling sensations on your lips. The "glass-like micro marbles of varying sizes" create the illusion of fuller lips. It's a slight illusion so don't expect Angelina lips if you have thinner lips. Another plus is that it's also moisturizing and doesn't make my lips peel.

The price tag is a hefty $26.50 USD. The markup is more for the name than anything else. This tube contains 0.21 fluid ounces which isn't bad. UD's Pocket Rocket does contain more for the price. They have 0.27 fluid ounces for $19 USD. The only other thing I would say that bothers me is the staying power; because it's not sticky it tends to fade faster than most but at this point I'm really picking at it.

Click on the images to enlarge
Of course I also have swatches for you guys as well!

My lip pigmentation shows through but you can still see the peachy color and the sparkles.
-Beautiful Packaging
-Faint sweet smell
-Variety of colors
-Illusion of plump lips without the sting
-Brush applicator

-Staying power

Would I Repurchase: Heck yes! This gloss is the shizzle!


  1. I feel exactly the same way! The price and staying power are the only issues but I would still repurchase because the pros rock! I had no idea there was a Spotlight Shine complex. No wonder my lips looked prettier than I had seen before. Not exactly a Kaleidoscope cuz I got a creme color but still mesmerizing!
    I'm happy you love this!

  2. Peach is a nice color and it looks great on you. I'm a little amazed at the real science that goes into making make-up. Reading the product info makes that clear.

  3. I swear Asians have the most pigmented lips! Half my 'nude' glosses/lipsticks don't show through!

  4. I love how this looks! But the price definitely turns me off.


  5. The color is really beautiful! Too bad the staying power isn't that great but it's still a really good lipgloss :D

  6. I love the color!! it's grogeous!!

    oh my!! that's quite a hefty price for it though!! T_T the staying power plays a big role on lippies for me.

    thanks for the review!

  7. I like dior's lip maximizer, I haven't tried their lipgloss yet but from what you said it does seem very fab! and yeah dior stuff is usually pretty $$$ -_- but that's all part of the marketing and branding... sigh


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