Review: Conair Infiniti You Curl Curling Iron

I had always wanted to try the HerStyler curling iron, but being that my budget has been tight for a few months I restrained myself from spending the dough on it. Then one day while I was watching MTV at o'dark thirty in the morning and a commercial from Conair came on and it featured this.
It looked exactly like the Herstyler and many of the other high end no clamp curlers that I had been interested in.  However after watching it, I forgot about it until I found it in my CVS on sale! The original price of this is $44.99 USD but when I purchased it they had lowered it to $31.99. So not only had I saved money off the original price, I didn't have to pay for shipping.

Here is what the Conair site says:
-Instant style with no clamp – simply wrap
-Fast and easy, with no kinks
-Tourmaline Ceramic™ technology – more protection, reduces frizz, helps eliminate static, and no damaging hot spots
-Powerful ceramic heater
-30-second instant heat*
-Ultra-high heat levels – 400°F/204°C
-Auto shutoff
-LED indicator lights
-Professional length line cord
-Limited five-year warranty

What I like about this curler is that it does have the temperature gauge. Unlike a dial there is a button you push to select your desired heat setting. It starts at 310 degrees and goes in intervals of 310, 330, 360, 400. Though the setting is limited I prefer this rather than the dials that go from 1-25. There is also a blinking red light to tell you that it's on. Also, this curler comes with a swivel cord so you don't have to worry about getting tangled. Unlike the Herstyler, this does not come with gloves so when wrapping your hair around this, you must take caution or you will burn yourself.

I am in love with this curler! It looks like I have a perm when I use this. It did take some getting used to and I got frustrated at wrapping my hair around the curler but after a few goes I got the hang of it. The curls aren't uniform but I like the feel of that. What I love most is that my curls stay. With a regular curling iron my hair never held the curl, but if I curl my hair with the You Curl, my curls last all day. Here are some pics I took. Let me know if you guys want a tutorial on this.
-Temperature gauge
-Auto shutoff
-Makes hair shiny because of cermanics
-Tight curls that stay

-No gloves, higher chance of burning fingers
-Can take some getting used to


  1. What a bargain! Glad you like it! I'm interested in it too...

  2. girl - you are so gorgeous!!! I love your hair! thanks for the review - once my hair grows out more - i'll definitely be buying this!

  3. wow your hair looks gorgeous! i'm really wanting to try one of those out!

  4. Gorgeous hair!! I wonder why the clampless irons hold the curls better? I guess it's the ceramic tech? Well why wouldn't they just put that tech into one with a clamp? I only ask b/c I'd probably burn myself without it.

  5. Oh shittttttttttttttttttttttt
    The other day i was looking at it too...but didn't know if i should get it...i don't usually curl my hair cause i suck at it...i have another conair hair curler but i just dunno how to curl my hair..do you think this is easy to learn? Does it takes a long time to curl it? Because im actually reallly interested..so bassicly you got like 30% off .... thats AWEsomee..

  6. Yes please! Tutorial would be very helpful! :)

  7. You hair looks really fab! Thanks for the review :)

  8. really pretty and sexy! I am really not good at doing my hair and always leave it as mess LOL

  9. wow your curls look gorgeous! i am on the hunt for a good curling iron myself and i have been eyeing the herstyler as well, but this curling iron was a good deal!

  10. Thanks for the foundation advice! Your hair looks beautiful! I usually curl my hair with my straightener, but I might just have to try this curling iron!

  11. WOW, even your ROOTS are curled. Whenever I curl my hair, the highest I can get the curl to start is around the top of my ears... Gives it the whole triangle effect in terms of volume (flat on top, voluminous on bottom).

    I'm not a huge Journey fan, but it was stuck in my head because of Rock Band, LOL. Make a list of amazing foods and we will explore!!

  12. In regards to the MUFE, it's alright. The lasting power on this stuff is pretty amazing, and I can even wear it without putting a primer down first. However, it's really hard for me to sharpen it for some reason.. I can't get a really good point on it, even though I've tried with two different sharpeners. Don't bother with this stuff on your water line though, soooo hard to get any pigmentation.

  13. your hair looks amazing! im gonna look into this..i have a herstyler but the smaller size, creates super kinky curls me no likey!! i love your hair color too!

    thanks for stopping by my blogsie! :)

  14. Oh my gosh your hair looks gorgeous. I've been wanting to try one of these for forever but haven't found the right one yet! Maybe I should try this one! Thanks for the tip.



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