A Quick Vid

Hey guys! I'm so close to having 200 followers! That giveaway is getting closer and closer!!

But anyway, I just did a quick video on my Cybershot featuring an OoTD and a FoTD. I had the mirror at an angle so I look kinda chunky. Booo.

I list everything I'm wearing in the info box but if you guys wanna know anything specific just ask! I hope everyone is doing well! Can you believe it's the middle of September already?! Hope to hear from you all soon!


  1. I love your voice... is that weird? ahaha

  2. awesome "slouchy" look :D It was fun seeing ya do an ootd. I'd prolly end up doing POTN (Pajamas of the night).

  3. OMG if that's SLOUCHY to you then I'm like totaly BUM T_T lol you're still looking good with your slouchy OoTD. ^_^ *teehee*

    I love the jeggings!!

    PS where did you get your shades from in your photo at the end of your vid?

    LOL @ Stephanie!! POTN FTW!!!

  4. Chunky? No way, you look great. I love the picture at the end w/the shades.


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