I Loves Me Some Pocket Rocket

And when I mean Pocket Rocket I mean the Urban Decay Lipgloss! ;) I know I'm pretty late on the Pocket Rocket Bandwagon but I wanted to do a quick review to let you know all know what I think of the product.  When I first heard of these, I actually thought it was pretty stupid to be very honest. I thought to myself why would I want to have these half naked men as the topper for my lipgloss? So I took a look at it on the Urban Decay website and went "ehhhh" and didn't really think about it much after.

Skip to a few months later I ordered the Alice in Wonderland Book of Shadows and got a free sample of the Pocket Rocket in Doug, a "pink with iridescent sparkle." The color was very pretty to me but what bothered me was the smell. It smelled like cereal or a cinnamon roll or burnt sugar. I went back on the site and they described it as "Creme Brulee" and I guess it was pretty accurate with the scent. I mean a company can't say "with the delicious smell of burnt sugar!" Though the smell deterred me a bit, the gloss was amazing. Not super sticky, it filled in my lines and the color complimented my lips. I must've gotten used to the smell because I found myself reaching for this sample quite a lot. I realized too that the smell does go away after you put it on your lips...so I bit the bullet and I got three....yeah and I love them!

Here is the full description of the glosses on the Urban Decay site:

"Undress our men with the flick of your wrist! Inside the cap of our custom tube is a photo of a yummy man. Tilt the tube back-and-forth to strip them to their undies! (We've even included front and rear photos.) Whether you swoon for a future senator or a tree-hugger, one of our men is sure to please you. Our guys make awesome gifts for bachelorette parties, baby showers, or b-days.

And the gloss? This formula is so slick and cushiony, you would love it even in a plain ol’ tube. Each shade varies in opacity and finish, but all have a sweet crème brûlée flavor. The formula contains Hyaluronic Spheres, known to improve cellular function, prevent dehydration, and fill in lines and wrinkles. The brush applicator is ideal for blending.

Need to lure a real man? Give the tube a rub to release pheromones into the air! Undetectable to the smell, pheromones enhance mood and sexual attraction. The flat tube slides right into your pocket!"

I don't know how well the pheromone thing works lol but it's a cute idea. I have grown to really like the packaging as well and I think the men are kinda cute heh. =) Here's the break down for all the colors and the men just in case anyone is interested in their bios.

First is Eric:
"American born, but schooled abroad, Eric retains many European sensibilities, including Italian bravado, French table manners, and German soccer skills. Undress him for a little Spanish fly."

Eric is listed as a "sheer true red." He is pretty sheer and can work great with lipstick or just by himself. The color is buildable and does come out red, nice for a burst of color on your lips for both day and night. His boxers match his tux, kinda cute! He is what I call my "toki doki" lip gloss. Toki doki meaning "sometimes" in Japanese =).

Next is Kirk:
"When he isn't out running the trails with his two chocolate labs, enviro-activist Kirk is finishing his master's in sustainable architecture. Undress him when you two feel like getting eco-friendly."

Kirk is listed as a "sheer nude." Again the color is accurate though if your lips are pretty pigmented, (like mine) the nude won't show unless you have a nude lipstick under. He's great if you want to mute a lipstick that might be a tad bit too loud. The only thing that is weird about Kirk is that the scent of this gloss is a little different from the other two I have. I wonder if it's because the color/texture is different? Eric smells like the "burnt sugar/cereal" deal and Kirk does as well but the smell is really strongest with my last bachelor, David. Since Kirk is an environmentalist, he carries his own water bottle because he doesn't want to waste more plastic, how green of him! 

Last, but not least is David:

"David is a hard-working man: at work, in the gym, and most importantly, in bed. After a grueling 60-hour week, he still has the energy to come over and put his 110% into you. Undress him to inspect your benefits package."

David is listed as a "milky mauve" he is a cream gloss which means that he's more pigmented than Eric and Kirk. I actually picked up David first before the other two because I love me some pink and also out of all the descriptions, he reminded me most of my Boo. (I'm silly like that, I always have to find things that relate to me and John or it has to remind me of him in some way) David scent is very strong and I really think it has to do with the different textures of the gloss. I find that I really like David for everyday and I carry him with me anytime I go out. Well it's a toss up between him and Eric. They duel with each other for my affection.....hahaha

Last pic is of the swatches so you can see what it looks out of the awesome packaging.

Tomorrow will be a post of some Mac stuff I bought. More of things you've seen already...like Viva Glam Gaga and Cyndi....haha later babes!


  1. haha, this post made my laugh. I was trying to pick which guy I liked better. I picked david and laughed when you said he reminded you of john! eric seems too "suave" for my taste. :P

  2. these glosses are so cute and sexy, i really like david and kirk

  3. NGL, I pretty much wanted these SOLELY because of the naked men on top :P

    I want Kirk!

  4. I totally thought of the wrong "pocket rocket" when I saw the title of the post. The Kirk one looks nice, very sheer looking though.

    Omg Steph T. is playing the dating game with your lipglosses.

  5. i love these:) i have the one called James, its a hot pink xxx

  6. @Kara I was looking at James too!

    @Megan and Steph- Yeah I loled at Steph's comment about picking David haha. So that's the kind of man you like! ;) I love that Urban Decay named it Pocket Rocket, hehe

    @Sil- Are you eco-friendly like Kirk? ;)

    @Amy-I agree!! =)

  7. haha I have David those lippies are too hilarious huh X3 THanks for the sweet message hun!<3 ohhh fellow green tea/matcha addict hehe :D


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