A Piece of Me March 2010

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This month....
I like: that I am finally getting into shape! Huzzah for staying motivated!

I don't like: that I will not see the Oscars tonight...

I want you to know: I'm so excited that I've reached over 100 followers on my blog! ^^

I've planned: to be in awesome shape for my trip to Vegas!

I want to say to someone special: Life has a weird way of dealing us things but when we strive to make it the best cards we were ever dealt with, the results are extraordinary


  1. YAY for getting back into shape! I need to do that - i keep talking and talkin' about it but nothing happens - gotta make time for it - apart from being mommy and wife - gotta have some get in shape time! hehehe
    ooh vegas!!! nice!! have fun!

  2. Awwh this is so cute :) and have fun in Vegas! I'd kill to go there.

  3. wow, you're going to Vegas! have fun :D

  4. i like that quote and think it's just what I needed to hear today : ) i'm getting in shape, too, lost 5 lbs in two weeks on the South beach diet and I am tell anyone who is trying to get in shape/lose weight! when are you going to vegas? i'm going too and it seems like everyone is, yay!

  5. at least you found a site to watch it on. that was kinda cool.

  6. Yes girlies I'm going to Vegas in April! I'm so excited! Thank you all ^^

    @Steph-Yeah the stream kinda sucked but I was in luck because they ended up putting ABC back on lol =)


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