xPpinkx Contest Entry! Nolita's Love Spell.

So here is my entry for xPpinkx's Replicated but Never Duplicated contest. The look I replicated was: *drumroll please*
I absolutely adored this. It's artistic and beautiful and sexy.

So besides replicating one of her looks we were suppose to write a story to go along with the pictures. Huzzah! Cause I am a writer, what better way to mingle my two loves together? I hope you guys like it! I hope Ppink loves it! =D

Lita seemed like an average girl. Pretty but unnoticeable. She longed for a life where she was beautiful and loved. Each day would be the same repetitious cycle. Lita strived for something different she desired all the things that she could not have. Then one day she decided to be different. To not sit and wait idly for life and love to pass her by. That night the sun set and the moon rose, Lita transformed into Nolita.

She meticulously applied her makeup. A heart on her cheek instead of a tear because love was always on her mind. A pale face because she wanted to be a porcelain doll. Red lips to contrast her skin. Thin eyebrows to exude knowledge and skepticism. Long lashes to flirt and seduce. Nolita realized that she had everything she ever wanted all in front of her.

Curls for someone to tousle, and a hat to maintain some mystery. Nolita's look was complete. She gazed at herself in the mirror, fascinated and in awe that she was beautiful.

Her heart skipped a beat. Could it be?

She couldn't hide the swell in her heart, the flush rising to her face. The face staring back at her, sad and hopeful was alluring and different.

Had Nolita really fallen in love with herself?


  1. OMFGGGGGGGGGGGGG i love this !!! yesss and i love your story...you got the ill brow on point...seriuously this entry is pretty on point!!! done did me proud babe...btw your on my "lesbo list " now =)

  2. whoa, good job stephanie! I still don't know what to do yet *sad face*

  3. reminds me so much of this band versailles! love this look <3

  4. The story is SO CUTE and I love the one eyebrow XD

  5. you are amazing! love the story too :)

  6. ohh wow you look awesome in these pics! Got the sad but beautifl emo look on, I hope you'll join my contest talented lady ;)

  7. this is awesome! you've nailed the look right down to the eyebrow flick, amazing stuff girl!! xx

  8. WOW that looks really good! i love the story tooo!


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