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Yay I feel so loved! I was tagged by Kara at Give Me Vintage and also Anita from Swtexcape. Thank you ladies!
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Ok now to the nominees: (If you were tagged before sorry! =)

Now the 5 Facts =)
1) I am in some ways a perfectionist. Especially if it's something I care about. I will fidget and pick and try to fix the little things regardless if no one else notices them.

2) I know I said this before, but I am super loyal to the people I love. I will do anything for them even if I don't agree with them. I think they are beautiful and perfect and anyone who tells me otherwise I will disagree with. The end. lol

3) I didn't get into makeup really until the end of high school. Even then I really didn't know much about it. I rarely wore it, but I loved putting on people. I would go to the bathroom with my girlfriends in high school and apply their makeup. I think that I used to not like putting makeup on, especially my eyes because I felt that it never looked as good on me as when I did it on my friends. Now obviously I don't feel that way lol.

4) I love food! I will try almost anything once...(maybe not things like bugs, but you know what I mean) I always wanted to be a foodie, I love to cook, though I'll admit I hate the cleanup! I can't wait till I get a bigger kitchen to go all out in!

5) I am an avid animal lover. I see a dog on the street I want to pet it. I'm not picky about dogs or cats, unless the cats don't like me. I think it's cause deep down inside I like to nurture and care for things so when I have an animal I get very maternal. LoL, I can imagine when I have kids...=)


  1. I treat my dog like my baby! ^_^ Sometimes I worry that when I have real kids I'll be a bit weird and non-maternal, because I love animals but am awkward as hell around kids.

    Do you watch Bizarre Foods by any chance? I live vicariously through him, since I'm a terribly picky eater XD

  2. Thank you so much for nominating me! :) I'm so with you on #4. hehe

  3. Oh loved reading this facts about you!! I love food too, haha a little toooo much :P

  4. thanks for your sweet comment dear on my tag post! i'm happy you did this post, i loved reading this! i'm a perfectionist too and sometimes it gets in the way because it'll take me forever to finish things since i want things to be exactly perfect.. which is obviously impossible! i'm glad you got into doing makeup on yourself 'cause you're very talented with your makeup <3 you are going to make a guy very happy one day since you sound like the perfect wife who likes to cook and loves kids/animals ;)



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